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House Proceeding 06-09-09 on Jun 9th, 2009 :: 1:27:10 to 1:31:30
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Tom Price

1:27:06 to 1:27:26( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: colleagues in this chamber to support h.r. 1741. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman om puerto rico yields back. the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. issa: thank you, mr. speaker. at this time it's my pleasure to yield five minutes to the gentleman from georgia. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia is recognized for five minutes. mr. price: thank you, mr.

Tom Price

1:27:10 to 1:31:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Price

Tom Price

1:27:27 to 1:27:47( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: speaker. i want to commend my colleague from georgia for bringing forth and handling this commonsense bill on the floor of the house. i want to thank my colleague from california for yielding me time. this is an important issue. there are many issues that are remarkably important to the american people and i want to talk about one of them.

Tom Price

1:27:48 to 1:28:08( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: and it is the national energy tax. as you know, mr. speaker, there is a proposal that's moving through the house right now, the house committees right now, that will have remarkable effect on the american peoe. and if history holds true, there will be ry little time on the floor of this house to debate this issue as the speaker has said, she wants to get it done

Tom Price

1:28:09 to 1:28:29( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: by july 4. i would suggest, mr. speaker, that it's important for all of our colleagues to be paying attention to the national energy tax and to the consequences of it. i would suggest, mr. speaker, that the american people ought to be paying attention as well. let me point out a couple of the issues on this national energy tax. the estimates are by an outside

Tom Price

1:28:30 to 1:28:51( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: group, an objective group, it will destroy over -- it will destroil millions of jobs. 1.1 million jobs on average each year. it will raise electricity rates 90% after adjusting for inflation. it will increase gasoline prices by 74%. it will increase residential natural gas prices by 55%.

Tom Price

1:28:52 to 1:29:12( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: it will raise the average family's annual energy bill by $1,500. that's right, mr. speaker, $1,500. it will increase inflation adjusted federal debt by 26%. let's review, mr. speaker, this is going to decrease jobs, national energy tax, supported by the speaker and she's trying to get it through this house by

Tom Price

1:29:13 to 1:29:33( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: the end of this month, it will decrease jobs, increase electricity rates, increase gas prices, increase natural gas prices, increase the family energy bill, and increase the federal debt. now, mr. speaker, the american people think this is a idea. and they are very frustrated with the fact that the

Tom Price

1:29:34 to 1:29:54( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: commonsense solutions that have been put on the table are not being given an opportunity to come to the floor. what are those commonsense solutions? well, mr. speaker, as you know and as the american people know there are good bills out there. one of them is one that i have co-sponsored, h.r. 2300, coming out of the republican study committee and the western caucus, called the american

Tom Price

1:29:55 to 1:30:15( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: energy innovation act. what it does is provide for increasing pduction, responsible production of american resources. it provides for increasing conservation so that we decrease the demand side of the energy curve. and it provides for expansion of innovation, incentives for innovation so that we unleash the genius of the american

Tom Price

1:30:16 to 1:30:37( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: people to solve thehallenges that we have in the area of energy. . it doesn't tax the american people, it doesn't decrease jobs, it doesn't decrease electricity prices, as the democratic plan would do. it doesn't increase gas prices as the democrats would do. it doesn't increase natural gas

Tom Price

1:30:38 to 1:30:58( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: prices, as the democrat plan would do. it doesn't increase the family energy bill, and it doesn't increase the federal debt. no, mr. speaker, it solves the problems in the way that the american people want them solved. the american energy innovation act would increase production in a responsible a environmentally seitive and sound way. it would increase innovation so

Tom Price

1:30:59 to 1:31:19( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: that we develop the new energy for this 21st century, and it would increase conservation, decrease that demand side so that we don't continue to suort countries overseas that frankly, mr. speaker, aren't necessarily our friend. so i appreciate the opportunity to commend my friend from georgia for his bill. i appreciate my friend from

Tom Price

1:31:20 to 1:31:31( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: california for offering this opportunity to speak to my colleagues, to speak to my colleagues and to ask the speaker, to ask the speaker if she wouldn't allow for full and open debate of appropriate

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