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House Proceeding 06-09-09 on Jun 9th, 2009 :: 2:54:30 to 2:57:45
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Chris Murphy

2:54:28 to 2:54:49( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: mr. murphy: i want to just put an exa you made here that this cost shift that happens. you talk about folks that don't have insurance or underinsured, they get it. we have universal health care in this country, you just got to wait until you're so sick you end up in the emergency room until you get it.

Chris Murphy

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Speech By: Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

2:54:50 to 2:55:10( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: president bush he stalled on health care reform for eight years famously remarked, don't worry about the uninsured, i'm paraphrasing, because they'll get health care when they need it. they just have to show up to an emergency room. i have told the story maybe even on this house floor before, i i back in connecticut. when we were debating health

Chris Murphy

2:55:11 to 2:55:32( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: care reform in the state legislature, i'll never forget a woman who came and testified before us. she told this story. she said, i was working. i was employed but my employer didn't provide health care. and i didn't make enough to go and get it on my own. i think she might have had some kids and got them insured but she didn't have insurance herself. she started noticing over the

Chris Murphy

2:55:33 to 2:55:53( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: course of a couple weeks she had a real pain i her foot. the pain would get worse and get better. she knew she should go see a doctor but she knew a couple things was going to happen. one, she was going to be billed an exorbitant amount for the visit and two she would have to go into the pharmacy and probably pay for some antibiotic

Chris Murphy

2:55:54 to 2:56:16( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: she was savvy enough to understand when she did that she was going to pay the highest cost in the whole system. if you are uninsured you are going to pay top dollar for that visit and that drug. because you don't get the benefit of the bulk purchasing that federal government does through medicaid or medicare or insurance comnies do through similar programs.

Chris Murphy

2:56:17 to 2:56:37( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: so she finally one night decides the pain is just so unbelievable she can't stand it anymore. so she goes to the emergency room. she gets to the emergency room too late to save her foot. she has a foot infection that has gotten so bad she has to have it amputated. that for her is a life changing event. her life is never going to be

Chris Murphy

2:56:38 to 2:56:58( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: the same. she's never going to be the same person, same mother. she'll have to deal with the disability for the rest of her life just because she d have the money or the coverage to get some simple antibiotics that would have treated that foot infection. that doesn't make sense in the richest country in the world, but think about it from the cost perspective.

Chris Murphy

2:56:59 to 2:57:22( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: i don't know how much that surgery cost, but it's in the thousands of dollars i'm sure. she didn't have the money to pay for it. maybe she got billed for it. but probably more than likely it got just sort of sucked into the unreimbursable costs by that hospital, picked up essentially by the taxpayers in subsidy for that hospital or by those people

Chris Murphy

2:57:23 to 2:57:43( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: that had insurance by higher insurance rates to help the hospital compensate for people like that woman who didn't have care. we paid for that surgery. but we paid for a surgery that didn't need to happen. there's a woman walking around now with her life fundamentally altered simply because she didn't have access to insurance. sometimes people need to sort of hear these examples, mr. a.m.t.

Chris Murphy

2:57:44 to 2:57:45( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: mire --

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