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House Proceeding 06-09-09 on Jun 9th, 2009 :: 3:31:10 to 3:34:25
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Chris Murphy

3:31:06 to 3:31:28( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: to do. that's what this discussion is about. so to close it out i would yield back to the gentleman. mr. murphy: i thank mr. altmire and ms. baldwin for joining us tonight. let's make no mistake about this. this is going to be a fight. this is going to be a fight because to do this right you are going to have to take on folks who have gotten real fat over this health care system.

Chris Murphy

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Speech By: Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

3:31:29 to 3:31:49( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: you are going to have to take on some ideologue that is jus don't believe the -- ideologues that just don't believe the government ought to get involved. there is a polling going around essentially outlining in 28 pages how you stop health care reform from happening. that is the agenda of a lot of people in this town, a lot of

Chris Murphy

3:31:50 to 3:32:12( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: folks on the other side of the aisle, that they do not want health care reform to happen. now, some of it is for good honest policy reasons. i believe it's an incredibly misshapen belief that the private sector can just fix this on their own. they haven't done it for the last 50 years. how are we going to expect they are going to do it over night.

Chris Murphy

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Chris Murphy: some is very cynical politics. some is peopl who look back to 1994 and the failure of the clinton health care plan and the two years prior and believe that if folks can stand in the way of president obama or this democratic house passing health care reform, they will gain some electoral advantage out of that. i hope that is the minority of people that are standing in the way of this bill.

Chris Murphy

3:32:34 to 3:32:55( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: make no mistake, there are people out there who simply see political advantage against democrats in general or against the president of the united states reform from happening. now, they may have succeeded back in 1993. and i wasn't here. mr. altmire wasn't here. so we can't speak to all the reasons that happened. but that's not going to happen this time. not because you got smart

Chris Murphy

3:32:56 to 3:33:16( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: people in the house of representatives or you got necessarily a better strategy american people are not going to stand for the status quo. they know and they feel more conscious than ever of the fact they are just one paycheck away from losing their health care and becoming one of the tens of thousands of individuals out there who are forced into

Chris Murphy

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Chris Murphy: bankruptcy because of health care costs. the status quo is not good enough for people out there. despite 28 pages of polling, telling the folks on the other side of the aisle how to stop this from happening, i believe that the will of the majority of americans is going to bringing us together to get a good bill passed. we are here as 30-something's in the democratic caucus talking

Chris Murphy

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Chris Murphy: about that tonight. but i believe that there is going to be a groundswell of public support that is going to force us, both parties, to come to the table and do something not small, not temporary but something big and permanent to fix all of the underl health care system to make sure that more people have it and less businesses are burdened by it.

Chris Murphy

3:34:00 to 3:34:20( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: so again i'd like to thank speaker pelosi for once again giving us the opportunity as the 30-something working group. remind folks they can email us at 30somethingdems\ if you got any questions for us, any feedback on heard this evening,

Chris Murphy

3:34:21 to 3:34:30( Edit History Discussion )

Chris Murphy: slash 30some on the web. with that i yield back the

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