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House Proceeding 06-10-09 on Jun 10th, 2009 :: 4:55:45 to 5:00:25
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Charles W. Dent

4:55:41 to 4:56:02( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: gentleman from pennsylvania for one moment but i'd like to thank the gentleman for supporting this amendment. i think that's very helpful. at this time i yield to the gentleman from the commonwealth of pennsylvania such time as he may consume. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. dent: i rise in support of the castle-dent amendment.

Charles W. Dent

4:55:45 to 5:00:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Charles W. Dent

Charles W. Dent

4:56:03 to 4:56:23( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: as of may, 2009, just last month, over 147,000 citizens, citizens, residents and nationals of foreign countries remain in the united states because the governments of their home nations are delaying or even refusing repatriation according to u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. it's simply unacceptable.

Charles W. Dent

4:56:24 to 4:56:45( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: the disconcerting detail regarding this situation is that over 17,000 of these individuals are criminal aliens who have been released into our communities and neighborhoods because u.s. courts have ruled that our system cannot legally hold them in custody for longer than 180 days or six months following their sentence of imprisonment if their home

Charles W. Dent

4:56:46 to 4:57:06( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: country refuses or reunreasonable delays their return. detainment will only be extendsed if an individual has been prove to be especially dangerous by a court and a psychiatrist. this extension has only been exercised a handful of times since being instituted in a releasing dangerous crms back onto our streets is not fair to

Charles W. Dent

4:57:07 to 4:57:27( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: our citizenry and the families immigrated to america. that said, the castle-dent amendment requires quarterly reports, reports every the -- 90 days, to the congress of the homeland of security, that delay repay theation, including --

Charles W. Dent

4:57:28 to 4:57:48( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: repay the ration. furthermore, the secretary of homeland security will have the power to facilitate the process u.s. of those holding diplomatic visas of the offending country. the administration can exercise discretion regarding diplomatic flexibility with an affected nation if necessary.

Charles W. Dent

4:57:49 to 4:58:10( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: under current statute, the immigration nationality act that provides that the u.s. state department the authoriy to discontinue the granting of immigrant or nonimmigrant visas to nationals from foreign countries that unreasonabley delay or deny accepting an alien who is a citizen subject, national or resident of that country. although state has threatened to

Charles W. Dent

4:58:11 to 4:58:31( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: deny visas in this capacity, it has never enforced this authority. additionally, the congressional budget office has indicated this amendment has no significant impact on pay-go. on the other hand, drawn out negotiations divert scarce federal and state resources. as an example in one case, the u.s. government paid 197,000 --

Charles W. Dent

4:58:32 to 4:58:53( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: $197,000 to fly an alien convicted ofssault with a knife back to his home country of somali. only to be denied and sent back to the u.s. where he was released and fled to canada. i don't understand the logic here. we cannot spend taxpayer dollars to remove the dangerous individual from american soil only to discover the nation is refusing the re-entry of their

Charles W. Dent

4:58:54 to 4:59:14( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: citizen. the congressional action on comprehens in the future. . the chair: the gentleman from california. mr. berman: the gentleman ed an additional minute?

Charles W. Dent

4:59:15 to 4:59:37( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: i would be happy to yield to him . mr. dent: i thank the gentleman for yielding. the offending countries tend to be about eight countries, china, india, vietnam, laos, eritrea and i'm probably neglecting one

Charles W. Dent

4:59:38 to 4:59:59( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: or two, but there are some that have valid removal orders against them and should be removed. i thank the gentleman from california for working with us to provide an amendment. it sends a very strong message that it is unacceptable that we have to expend our limited resources to hold people should have been returned.

Charles W. Dent

5:00:00 to 5:00:21( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: i urge adoption of the cast-dent amendment. the chair: the gentleman from california. mr. berman: no further speakers. i yield back. the chair: the question is on the amendment offered by the gentleman from delaware. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. the amendment is goad to.

Charles W. Dent

5:00:22 to 5:00:25( Edit History Discussion )

Charles W. Dent: pursuant to the order of the house of today, it is now in

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