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House Proceeding 06-10-09 on Jun 10th, 2009 :: 0:07:30 to 0:12:30
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Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: some time. i talked to the chairman of the committee about it and there's no reason not to move on it today. the chair: the gentleman yield back? mr. burton: i yield back. the chair: the gentleman from indiana yields back. the gentleman from california. mr. berman: mr. speaker, thank you. what we see --

Howard L. Berman

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Speech By: Howard L. Berman

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: the speaker pro tempore: is the gentleman opposed to the motion? mr. berman: jistrongly opposed to the motion. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. berman: what we see in the offering of this motion to recommit is a political party or the leadership of a political party that, number one, is not serious about pursuing an

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: effective strategy to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapons capability. and two, is using the pretext of iran to strike every single provision of the bill that we have been -- we have presented and debated on. the very first provision of this bill is to strike all that

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: follows after the enacting clause. then my friend from indiana takes a bill that i'm the sponsor of, along with congresswoman ros-lehtinen and a number of people on both sides that now has something like 155 co-sponsors to focus on the issue of refined oil products

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: going to iran and eviscerates that bill by taking every single trade sanction, all the financial institutions sanctions and totally wipes out the state department authorization bill. and they know we intend to pursue the policy of seeing if

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: iran dipmatically in a short time frame can be diswaded from the course they are now on. and if they cannot, at the same time, we are pursuing efforts to get key countries to come together at the security council with a level as the secretary of state said, crippling sanctions

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: on iran to get that regime to change its behavior -- will the gentleman let me finish my talk? and then pursue these international sanctions and working with the russians and the chinese and the arab states and all the countries that know that iran with a nuclear weapons

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: ' capability is an intolerable situation that cannot be tolerated and instead jumps ahead to the third part of the strategy, a strategy for which we are going to have hearings on in the month of july, see how both the multilateral sanctions and the diplomatic process worked and then if we were not

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: moving ahead, would take a serious and tough bill that said that companies that provided refined oil products to iran couldn't import. impose tougher financial sanctions than we now have, stripped from this motion to recommit.

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: meanwhile, all the things in the state department authorization bill, all the issues that my friends praised even in the course of the debate of this bill which they don't like, every single provision is stripped. this is not a serious effort. and what really bothers me about this amendment is that iran -- we should have a bipartisan approach.

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: we tried a policy. i supported that policy of the previous administration. isolate, sanction unilatera because we can't get effective multilateral sanctions. iran kept enriching every day while we sat around rallying against them. we want this policy to work.

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: we want to stop iran from having a nuclear weapons' capability. i don't know if the diplomatic strategy will work. you guys don't know. i don't know if we canet the international committee to do the kinds of things it can do to stop iran and force the regime to change its behavior in this area on the issue of terrorism with iran.

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: but let's try a policy that's different than the one that was a total failure forhe past five years. we said we won't engage until they suspend. they kept enriching. we said we'll sanction all we can. we caused annoyances. those sanctions didn't work.

Howard L. Berman

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Howard L. Berman: now we are trying to get the world serious about it. give it a few months to try and work. i urge that this eviscerated sponsoring in this motion to recommit be defeated and you don't wipe out the whole state department authorization bill. i'm not going to yield to you.

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