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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: effectiveness of our security asince. this bill is a tremendous step forward for us and/or efforts to bring peace and stability to south asia. i would hope that every member would support this legislation. i thank the chairman. i thank the i yield back the balance of my time. e speakepro tempore: the gentleman from new york yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman fr california reserves the balance of his time of the the gentlelady from ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you, mr. speaker.

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: at this time i'm pleased to yield five minutes to the gentleman from indiana, mr. burton, the ranking member on the subcommittee on middle east and south asia. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from yun is recognized fo mr. burton: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: proid. mr. burton: -- without objection. mr. burton: first of all, let me congratulate our chairman on

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: crafting a bill that in large part is very good. it increases the aid to pakistan by triple in some areas. and i think it's very positive. it deals with economic and humanitarian assistance that will help pakistan build schools, roads, hospitals, and

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: help pakistan's economic infrastructure and all that's good. and i know that the president and the administration supports that as well. unfortunately, here comes the but part, unfortunately the chairman and our democratic colleagues decided to load this bill up with ill-conceived provisions to micromanage u.s. security assistance to pakistan

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: as the ranking member just said. and this is not just my opinion. the secretary of defense, mr. gates, the chairman. joint chiefs of staff, mr. mullen, wrote the armed services committee last month and here's what they said. the degree of conditionality and

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: limitation on security assistance to pakistan severely constrains the flexibility necessary for the executive branch and the department of defense given the fluid and dynamic environment that exists in pakistan. i'll yield -- >> after yesterday, why wouldn't you? mr. burton: i will. remember last night when i asked you to yield.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: just to show you what kind of a guy i am, i'll yield in a minute. any how, this is a very difficult time over there. and i would like to say to my chairman, if he could see this, mr. chairman, i hope if you c see this, it's very important that we look at the situation on the ground in now.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the green, the green area is the area that the government controls. the brown area is the area that the taliban controls. the tan area is where there's a strong taliban presence. and the yellow is where there's federally supported tribal areas. d of course up here in the north is the blue northwest

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: if we lose this, if you lose this here, you got a heck of a problem in afghanistan. that's the entire border with afghanistan. if you lose that and the president's goal to stabilize and win the war in afghanistan is going to go right down the tubes. this micromanaging that you're doing in this bill is not going to be helpful. now, i in the past have not agreed with senator kerry.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: in fact i can rember ever agreeing with senator kerry. said. just to let you know there is some bipartisan opposition. he said, i'll read to you what he said, but senate foreign relations chairman, john kerry, democrat of massachusetts, author of similar senate legislation, senate bill 962,

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: said it's overly restrictive and counterproductive. he said it sends a message in the pakistani body politic that the people of pakistan say, well, we are just doing the u.s.'s bidding. we are their lackeys, we are not in control. that's counter to the thinks i think we want to send, the kind of message we want to send to pakistan.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: this is a very difficult time. this is not just a debate between you, mr. chairman, and the ranking member, and me. this is war and peace. it's the survivibility of pakistan as an independent country. it's wning or losing the war in afghanistan. and we have to remember that pakistan is a nuclear power.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: if the taliban is successful in this area, not only will afghanistan go down the tube bus in likelihood, they'll have control of nuclear weapons. i know we have precautions being take ton stop that, but in the eent that takes place and we lose control of the nuclr weapons, you've got a real possible conflagration for the whole area in that part of the world.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: i'd ke to to the chairman, and i hope in conference this is changed that this

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