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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: implementing solar technology in ou thank my colleagues for spending time to learn about this important resource. the speaker pro tempore: mr. moran from kansas. mr. poe of texas. >> i ask unanimous consent that sincmr. poe is not here, to

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: take h five mi the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman from indiana is recognized. mr. burton: mr. speaker, in the past couple of weeks, two of our colleagues, frank wolf of virginia, a republican and jim cooper of tennessee, a democrat, sent this booklet around to all

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: of the members. and we get a lot of correspondencend books and leaflets, but i would like to say, i hope you read this. it doesn't take long, but it's extremely important, because it deals with not only with today but with our future and kids'

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: future and our posterity. what it talks about is the debt that we have in this country and where we're going. in the last 10 years, we have gone from 5.5 trillion in debt to over $11 trillion in debt and the bt is escalating at a rapid rate. in fact right now, the projected

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: deficit in the future is up to $56 trillion. and threason these are expected expenditures is for what programs that have been proposed and have been passed into law by this body and the other body. right now, explicit liabilities include publicly held debt, military and civilian pensions

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and retiree health benefits, plus other things. that's $12.2 trillion. $1.23 trillion is for leases and so forth and the big one, $42.9 trillion is medicare, hospital insurance, which is $12.7 trillion. medicare outpatient, 15.7.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: medicare prescription drugs, $7.9 trillion and social securi, $6.6 trillion for a total of $56.4 trillion and that doesn't include what's going on today. we are going into debt about $1 trillion to $2 trillion a year and it's going to continue like that because of the programs

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: we're talking about. over the past few months since this new administration has taken office, we have seen proposed a socialized medicine approach to health, a national health care program that lord only knows how much that's going to cost, but it's going to be in the billions and billions and trillions of dollars and that will be added to the national

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: debt because we don't have that money. the auto industry, there has been bailouts of the auto industry and hasn't worked. they still had to file chapter 11 and over $50 billion. the banking and financial institutions and there was a bailout in the tarp bill. and then the energy bill that

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: they're talking about, the cap and trade, is going to cost a tremendous amount of money, not only for the taxpayers -- from the taxes we get here, but also the money they will have to spend for higher electric bills and everything else in the future. let me say, mr. speaker, this is something my colleagues ought to read.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: it talks about our future, our kids' future and grand kids' future. there is no doubt in my mind that this country will go bankrupt and we will be like the past civilizations like rome. there is no question about it.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the debt is held by china, japan and other countries is out of sight. they don't want to buy our debt because the dollar has been plummeting. and right now we are talking about printing trillions of dollars more because they won't buy our debt. when the printing press gets out

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: of control, very down the road, high inflation and high taxes and a country that is unsustainable. the book is called "state of the union finances, a citizens' guide" put out by frank wolf and jim cooper and from the foundation. it's on your desk.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: i hope you read it. with that, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: mr. ryan? mr. ryan: address the house for five minutes and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without mr. ryan: i would like to rise

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: today to speak about an issue

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