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John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: speaking. before i start with my speech, i want to apologize to mr. ryan for that inappropria thing i did. i agree with president obama when he said this about spending if in may of 2008 while on the campaign trail. president obama, candidate at that time, said, $9 trillion of

John R. Carter

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Speech By: John R. Carter

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: debt, that's just bad. that's just fiscally -- that's not fiscally conservative. and so we're going to have to change our polies. th you're in a hole is what? and the crowd reactedstop digging.

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: unfortunately what president obama said is not what he has done and in fact we didn't only not stop digging, we threw away our shovel and got a back hoe and started digging double time because the -- in 2008 the debt was too high but now president

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: obama has increased spending so much that we have broken historical records on spending. we started off with a stimulus bill, the $787 billion to stimulate the economy. it was promised that its big goal was to cap unemployment at 8%.

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: we weren't going to go above 8% unemployment. and that's why we had to spend all that money. but unfortunately we're sitting here today with 9.4% unemployment and rising. the debt that we have accumulated since the president

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: has come into office has been unbelievable. $8.5 trillion in 2009 will grow to $16 trillion in 2019. in only five months, president obama and the democratic majority has managed to spend

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: and rrow more public debt than in the history, the entire history of the united states. that's the past 233 years. so in less than 150 days they've spent -- they've obligated this country in debt more than the past 233 years.

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: and a couple of weeks ago i was on the floor of the house talking about the proposed bailout of the automobile industry which i still contend is an unconstitutional takeover of private industry. based upon the youngstown case. the administration has recklessly used the taxpayers' money to basically put the

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: administration in charge of general motors, chrysler, a.i.g., city bank and the list goes on -- citi bank and the list goes on and on and on. i don't think the change the american people were looking for is where the government took over the micromanagement of industry.

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: i really don't believe that was the change americans were looking for. yet that en worse, when these people who see where the government is going, where the democrats are taking this country, they say, well, hey, we'll give our back, we don't need your bailout money, we want to give it back to you and they're having

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: trouble trying to give it back. the obama administration won't take it. so with all this accumulated debt and with all this spending that we've done, between now and probably t end of july going to take up a health care,

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: basically a government health care plan, which is going to include another $1 trillion in entitlement health care spending, at a time when all experts agree that medicare as we have it right now has real problems and is going to eventually go broke.

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: because there's a people taking out of the program than paying into the program and it only gets worse as the baby boomers grow. so we're going to add to that $1 trillion and don't worry, we'll figure it out. and of course we just heard about the energy tax that's coming that way.

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: you know, the real money that we ought to be worrying about, it's not these folks we're bailing out. who we ought to be worried about is those guys who have lost their jobs. that's the money we ought to be worried about. and that's what the folks back home are worried about. i thank the speaker for allowing

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: me to speak and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, the gentleman from minnesota, mr. ellison, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority lear. mr. ellison: thank you, mr. speaker.

John R. Carter

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John R. Carter: thank you, mr. speaker.

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