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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: speaker, i ask three times, god, please, god, please, god, please continue to bless america and with that i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: ms. kaptur of ohio. mr. burton of indiana. mr. burton: i ask unanimous

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: consent to a?dress the house for five minutes, revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. burton: madam speaker, this last weekend i met with several auto dealers in my district and it was very interesting to find out really what all of them are going through right now.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the chrysler and general motors companies are closing hundreds and hundreds of automobile dealerships across the country and after talking to these dealers, i can't figure out why. it isn't costing the automobile companies anything. they sell the cars to the dealer and the dealer sells those to the consumer. and the dealers pay for those

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: cars. in addition, the dealers pay for the advertising, the dealers pay for the plant and equipment, their dealerships, the buildings, they pay the mechanics, they pay the salespeople and so the car company, all they do is make the car and sell it to the dealer. and so why are they closing all these dealerships? it seems to me as you reduce

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: your sales force across the country you're going to reduce the amount of cars that are sold to the consumer. it just doesn't make any sense to me. but let me just tell you some of the things that these dealers are going through right now. one dealer told me that -- the a chrysler dealer -- he had a dodge dealership and the chrysler asked him a couple of years ago to

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: dealership that wasn't doing as well and they asked him to not only buy the property, but to upgrade the equipment and upgrade the property and upgrade the showroom. and so he put $3 million into buyinghe property and upgrading the showroom and the mechanics area, the garage area,

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and after he did it, just recently, right after he got it done, had invested $3 million, they closed him down. they closed him down. he lost $3 million after they asked him, the company asked him, to invest that money in purchasing and upgrading this other store. now that's terrible. he put $3 million in

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: company requested, and then they cut the legs out from under him and he loses $3 million. i talked to a chevrolet dealer who was negotiating with a g.m.c. dealer across the street. the g.m.c. dealer and the chevrolet dealer were rit across the street from one an why don't you two combine? so the two companies were negotiating with one another on who would buy the other out.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and it was a $3 million to $5 million purchase. well, they couldn't reach agreement before the deal with general motors took place and they were going to close a whole bunch of dealerships and so what they did is they decided to close the dealership of the chevrolet dealer down even though he was very profitable.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and what that means simply is that the g.m.c. dealer across chevrolet dealership that would have sold for $3 million to $5 million to him for nothing. and so this dealer is going out of business, it's going to cost him $3 million to $5 million because they c dealership and he sold as many cars as they asked him to sell,

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: he was up to snuff on his payments and everything else that was requested by the company and they knocked the legs out from under him as well and it cost him $3 million. there was a g.m. deal that are came to me at this meetinghe other day and he had eight dealerships and they closed one of them down. it's going to cost him several million dollars but he can't

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: complain publicly because g.m. is goi to be closing other dealerships down in the future and he's afraid if he says anything, he's afraid if he says anything they'll close some of his other dealerships down and cost him more money. . i don't understand, we have the government, car czar, if you will, taking control of the auto

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: industry. they are forcing the executives of the companies out of office and replacing them with handpicked people by our government through the car czar and the auto task force. so the government is taking over the auto industry and closing these dealerships, putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work, closing thousands of dealerships across the country, and actually hurting

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the american auto industry's ability to sell cars when they are in competition car companies around the world. it just doesn't make any sense to me. so once again here we have the government taking over an industry, socializing the auto industry, and really killing an awful lot of the people who work in it. not to mention the restaurants

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: and stores that surround these car dealerships who have been in business for years as well. it's going to cost them jobs. government involved in the private sector, government control of the private sector just destroys the private sector. and they want to now take over our health care industry, they are taking over the banks, they want to take over the energy industry with cap and trade which is going to cost every

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: family in this country, $3,000 to $4,000 more per year for energy. we don't need social nism this country. we certainly don't need it -- here's an example.

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