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Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: do, both on your committee, your subcommittee, the subcommittee that you chair ohomeland security, and in all of the work that addresses issues in the caribbean. thank you for joing us this evening. i would like now to yield such time as she might consume to the gentlelady from texas, congresswoman sheila jackson lee. ms. jackson lee: let me thank the gentlelady for yielding to me and allow me to acknowledge

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Speech By: Sheila Jackson-Lee

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: as well the congressnal black caucus for the collected effort that they have made and thank our president chairwoman for the 2004 resolution, house resolution 517, that ultimately was proclaimed by the president of the united states. this is an enriching day and an opportunity for us to emphasize the vastness of diversity that

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: is is in this country and i stand here as a caribbean american proudly exercising and relishing in the history of my ancestry. let me also acknowledge the work that we have collectively done. as a ranking member on the immigration subcommittee, we have had a history of working

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: for thissues of parody as it relates to the opportunities for haitianans to become statused here in the united states as we have seen the cubans also have this opportunity through what we call the wet food, dry foot provision -- wet foot, dry foot provision. we have worked unending to make

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: sure that comes about and as we look forward into the comprehensive immigration reform debate i hope that language from the save america comprehensive immigration legislation that i authored will be part of the debate so that our reform will include all aspects of those who are seeking to be statused and particular particularly those from the caribbean. we have worked on issues that

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: address the questions of many caribbean leaders, when there were massive deportations of individual states who had never been to the caribbean, had never been to the countries of which their birth and therefore they were coming and providing the need for extra resources by caribbean leaders. this is paying attention to the issues of the caribbean and

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: recognizing that they are a vital ally to us and that was recognized by the recent authorization of the meeting in the caribbean in trinidad where many caribbean nations came and i believe the new relationship was cemented between this new president, this congress and the caribbean leaders.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: so as we speak about the greatness of caribbean americans, i want to emphasize that we should also be engaged with the caribbean as our allies, as those who can participate with us in homeland security and securing the borders. as we look to caribbean americans who have made great strides here in this country, caribbean americans are

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: educated, soldiers, politicians, athlete it's, economists, historians, activists, doctors, lawyers and everyday men and women. there are those of us who enjoy the music of the caribbean and one of our most famous poets and musicians was bob marlee, whose reggae music continues to permeate the music channels and

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: the ears of americans. we are proud of the contributions of caribbean americans. of those like kareem abdul-jabbar, those like timothy duncan, those like sydney port yea, those like -- sydney portier and of course colin

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: powell, the former secretary of state, a caribbean american. certainly the honorable cheryly chiss am who ran as an african-american woman for president of the united states of america. bold, unashamed of their and history, readyo make a difference, that is the character of caribbean americans and those who live in the

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: caribbean. let me also who i worked with as we visited haiti and went to see many of those who have been incarcerated because of the, if you will, the inconsistency of leadership in haiti. we are delighted to see the

Sheila Jackson-Lee

0:50:38 to 0:50:59( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: president leading out but we visited many who were political prisoners and worked with the then bush administration to try to secure their freedom. i went to -- i want to continue to express my appreciation to chairman conyers for the work that he has continuously done workingn haiti when we traveled there together.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: so tre are many aspects of the caribbean that we can celebrate. i'm here to celebrate the great connection that i've had the privilege of having and i'm delighted to be joined on the floor of the house by congresswoman christensen as well as congresswoman clarke and congresswoman -- congressman payne and the chairwoman who is now serving as speaker pro

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: tempore. we do this because we want to ensure that people realize how great america is and it is home great cause it relies upon the strength of those who come from different cultures and bring that wonder the to our wonderful nation -- wonderment to our wonderful nation. i want to acknowledge the creation of the institute of caribbean studies in 1994, i

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: want to acknowledge thed a hock caribbean council in washiton, d.c., that disbanded and celebrating june as the caribbean american heritage month in washington, d.c. this is just part of the bill that was to make in the month that we celebrate caribbean heritage month. finally, might i say proudly

Sheila Jackson-Lee

0:52:05 to 0:52:25( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: that i want to speak of my grandparents, mr. and mrs. jackson. my grandmother and grandfather were true sons and daughters at that time of the king and queen because jamaica was then a colony of great britain. however, their dignity allowed them to know that jamaica could

Sheila Jackson-Lee

0:52:26 to 0:52:47( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: be a free and democratic nation and through the leadership of that it could be a free nation, they secured their freedom and what a celbratory time that was. i want to acknowledge so many prime ministers but former prime minister manly, former prime

Sheila Jackson-Lee

0:52:48 to 0:53:10( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: minister patterson, all great leaders that brought greatness to the caribbean and to acknowledge the president prime minier as he continues to work, to acknowledge the first woman prime minister as well that was in jamaica for at least a time in the last two years. we know that she's been called

Sheila Jackson-Lee

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Sheila Jackson-Lee: with great love and affection but we respect the service she has given. my grandparents left jamaica and pt to work in panama, in the panama canal, and i had the privilege of going to the panama canal for a homeland security mission and seeing my grandfather's name listed as one of those who worked on the panama canal. as he came to the united states

Sheila Jackson-Lee

0:53:33 to 0:53:53( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: and then settled between south carolina and brooklyn, new york, to know that he w wonderful tradition of history and heritage, the wonderful cuisine of rice and peas and many other good things that we continue to enjoy culturally in my family, that i raised my children on, that i was raised on, so that this nexus of

Sheila Jackson-Lee

0:53:54 to 0:54:15( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: knowing your roots is so very key. so what i say to all who are listening, this nation is valuable because it respects the culture of all of us and today we salute caribbean americans and i've been privileged and proud to serve in the united states congress with that history but also to work on a number of issues helping to make their land, their nations better and creating a better

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