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House Proceeding 06-15-09 on Jun 15th, 2009 :: 2:47:40 to 2:53:19
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Steve King

2:47:38 to 2:47:41( Edit History Discussion )

Steve King: large taxation scheme that for

John R. Carter

2:47:40 to 2:53:19( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John R. Carter

John R. Carter

2:47:42 to 2:48:03( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: every $5 collected the treasury and wastes the other four. i yield to the gentleman from texas. mr. carter: i thank the of what's going on. as he was saying it came to mind some of the things that just in my lifetime i can remember. if you study history you learn that when we put in the panama canal we had a

John R. Carter

2:48:04 to 2:48:24( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: horrible situation when we built the panama canal because of malaria and yellow fever that were insect bearing diseases and we invented d.t. and we used d.d.t. to hold down those bug populations. by that, we were table build

John R. Carter

2:48:25 to 2:48:45( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: the panama canal. as a child, growing up in houston, texas, without air-conditioning, the d.t. truck went by every friday night. sprayed the whole neighborhood. and yet a lady wret a book called "a sile spring" in which she said that all the

John R. Carter

2:48:46 to 2:49:07( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: research showed, i hate it when people say all the research shows, all the research shows that if we continue to use d.t., we will have no insect life on earth and the birds will die and we will have a when spring comes, the birds won't be singing, the crickets won't be cricketting, and

John R. Carter

2:49:08 to 2:49:28( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: they'll go away. and being believers we launched a campaign to get rid of d.d.t. we got rid of it. it's been gone. but we now have one of the -- we actually give millions, maybe even billions now of dollars from this congress to

John R. Carter

2:49:29 to 2:49:49( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: fight malaria. something that was almost eradicated when i was a kid is now a major worldwide problem because we did away with d.d.t. and guess what? now the research, the real present-day research, 21st century research says everything they said about

John R. Carter

2:49:50 to 2:50:10( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: d.t. is not true. it was made up. the lady knew she made it up. but she didn't like d.t. now you talked about global cooling. i remember global cooling. i remember people talking about why it was going to cool down. we were going to be in the ice age, we were going to blame the

John R. Carter

2:50:11 to 2:50:31( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: russians. it was going to be the russians' fault. all this stuff. we had to build big industries around global cooling. you know, we told our people, you better quit propagating, because you're going to run out of space on this earth by the

John R. Carter

2:50:32 to 2:50:53( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: 21st century, it'll be standing room only on the earth unless you limit the number of children you have and being good college-educated progressives, we launched out to reduce the amount of children we had. and we did it with birth control, and later we did it

John R. Carter

2:50:54 to 2:51:15( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: with that horrid invention abortion. but we limited our birth control and our western european friends limited their birth control. we still replace ourselves. i think 2.1 children to the family. but i believe the europeans now, some of the cubtries over there are like 1.2 and i think some of the best countries over

John R. Carter

2:51:16 to 2:51:36( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: there, 1.8. they're not even replacing their families with the number of children they're having. then we wonder why people cross the texas and canadian boarder to come into the united states to fill jobs because we don't have enough people to fill the jobs.

John R. Carter

2:51:37 to 2:51:58( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: and we wonder why that is. europeans got the same probable. they've had that problem, i can recall they had the problem in 1956. they were -- the german were because they didn't have enough population. now when you buy into a program as you point out, down the road if they're not telling you the

John R. Carter

2:51:59 to 2:52:19( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: truth, it has major consequences. when you made that 10-year comment, at the present rate this congress is going, 10 years from now we may find ourselves sitting around trying to watch television by candlelight. because we're using batteries for our television sets.

John R. Carter

2:52:20 to 2:52:41( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: because frankly, we are in the process of trying to tax our energy industry out of business. every form or fashion that has any kind of carbon connection. 10 years from now, we could be a third world country. and wonder why. that's why this science is so very important.

John R. Carter

2:52:42 to 2:53:03( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: that's why knee jerk reaction, overreacting to things, which the government is famous for, and i don't care if it's knee jerk conservatives or knee jerk liberals, any time you get in a hurry, bad things happen. and if you study the history of legislation in this coun is absolutely true and nobody will dispute it.

John R. Carter

2:53:04 to 2:53:19( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: you can look at slavery, look at the labor laws, the environmental laws, you can look at anything and see where knee jerk reaction -- that's why we have a senate to slow things down, because our founding fathers knew the knee jerk reaction created bad

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