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Al Green

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Al Green: the clerk: senate 614, an act to award a congressional gold medal to the women air force service pilots, wasp. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from texas, mr. al green, and the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas. mr. green: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that that all members may have five

Al Green

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Speech By: Al Green

Al Green

0:49:17 to 0:49:38( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: legislative days to revise and extend their remarks on this legislation and to insert extraneous material thereon. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. green: mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is rec to acknowledge and compliment

Al Green

0:49:39 to 0:49:59( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: the member from florida, ms. rolehtinen, and commend her on what she has done to get piece of legislation to the floor. she has worked with senator kay iley hutchison who has had this piece of legislation pass the senate. she had 75 co-sponsors, hence the legislation is now before us

Al Green

0:50:00 to 0:50:20( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: in the house. compendium of knowledge, if you will, styled the greatest stories never told. perhaps therein wb the stories -- would be the stories of the buffalo soldiers. a story of rarely told how they had to fight their way into the

Al Green

0:50:21 to 0:50:43( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: military so that they could fight for their country. perhaps contained therein there would be the story of the fill peaian soldiers who died -- philippine soldiers who died on the bataan march. such a collection would not be complete, however, without the story of the wasp.

Al Green

0:50:44 to 0:51:04( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: these are the first women to fly military aircraft. they are the women in the air force, the women air force service wasp. it's a story of gender bias, mr. speaker. the notion that flying is a man's work. it's the story of the belief that a woman's pce

Al Green

0:51:05 to 0:51:25( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: is in the home. it's the story of injustice. the notion that women could apply but never qualify. it's a story of inequities. the notion that women could have rank but not always have their rank respected. mr. speaker, it's a story of

Al Green

0:51:26 to 0:51:47( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: never say never. a story of persistence pays off. a story of success b someand a story of success in spite of others. it's a story of how a famous pilot, jacqueline "jacky" cochran became the first commander of the w.f.o. in 1942.

Al Green

0:51:48 to 0:52:09( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: that's the women's flying training detachment. it's the story of how a test pilot, nancy love, became the commander of the w.a.f., the women's auxiliary flying -- feying squadron in 1942. it's the story of how the w.f.o.

Al Green

0:52:10 to 0:52:30( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: anthe w.a.f. merged in 1943 to become the wasp. the wasps would go on and fly 60 million miles. th aircraft. they would be stationed in 120 bases across the country. on december 20 of 1944, when

Al Green

0:52:31 to 0:52:52( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: victory was at hand, the wasps were quietly and disbanded. 38 lost their lives in the course of serving their country. however families and friends had to pay for their expenses. survivors had to pay their way back home because they were not

Al Green

0:52:53 to 0:53:13( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: military in an official capacity. many of their records were sealed and unavailable to historians until the 1980's. they didn't get veteran status until 1977. and this was done without a white house ceremony and it was done without the kind of fanfare that we would expect them to

Al Green

0:53:14 to 0:53:35( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: receive in this day and time. the story, mr. speaker, of few being honored, and their honors being accorded them too late and not enough thank yous have been accorded them at all. the story of the wattps is one that -- wasps is one that is in

Al Green

0:53:36 to 0:53:42( Edit History Discussion )

Al Green: my opinion the greatest story never told and one which we should acknowledge with this

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