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David Dreier

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David Dreier: mr. speaker, this is a bill that de and with that, i urge my colleagues to support it. and i yield back my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back the balance of her time. the gentleman from california. mr. dreieri think it's safe to say there are no other speakers. mr. arcuri: no other speakers. mr. dreier: i yield myself the balance of the time.

David Dreier

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Speech By: David Dreier

David Dreier

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David Dreier: the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is mr. dreier: mr. speaker, this has been a fascinating debate that has taken place. it began with some very thoughtful comments with my friend from utica talking about funding for our troops and i laud him for referring to the fact that that is the priority of this measure.

David Dreier

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David Dreier: we then listened to on our side the distinguished new ranking member of the committee on armed services, my friend from california, mr. mckeon, talk about the priority of funding for our troops. and then we listened to speecs made by our colleagues, and there was barely a mention of the issue of troop funding.

David Dreier

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David Dreier: we issues heard our colleague talk about firefighters. hey, i'm from southern california where we have fires and we have horrible fires, loss of life and property is something that regularly takes place there. it's a very, very important issue. it's an issue that should be considered under the regular appropriations process under the leadership of my california

David Dreier

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David Dreier: colleague, mr. lewis and mr. obey, not in a troop funding bill. then we listened to our very good friend from detroit talk about the automobile industry. a serious challenge that we as a nation are trying to address. i personally belie that the notion of continuing to see the government more and more

David Dreier

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David Dreier: involved in this area is not the right thinto do, but it's a debate that will go on. and yet, our friend, mr. levin, was talking about the issue of the automobile industry in this troop funding bill. th i listened to our friend from texas talk about, from houston, talk about darfur. one of the most troubled spots

David Dreier

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David Dreier: on the face of the earth, an issue that does need to be addressed and the challenges of meeting the needs of children in texas. very, very important issue. but not as part of a troop funding measure. now, mr. speaker, as i said through the very thoughtful work of the appropriations committee last month, we came to this

David Dreier

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David Dreier: floor with what president obama and i believe a majority of democrats and republicans in this house would like to see us achieve. and i know the american people would like to see us achieve, and that is bipartisanship. bi used all the time around here, all the time.

David Dreier

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David Dreier: everyone talks about the need for bipartisanship. how important it is. the speaker in her opening address here as we began the 111th congress talked about how she wanted to work in a bipartisan way. we republicans say we want to work in a bipartisan way, but this bill that emerged from the house appropriations committee

David Dreier

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David Dreier: was the first time, very first time in this 111th congress that we were able to see a bipartisan work product, a bipartisan work product emerge from the democratic leadership. and i congratulate him on that. and i have done that when we considered the bill, and i would like to be able to do it today.

David Dreier

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David Dreier: . it has crumbled from what it was intended to be, a bill to support funding for our troops. it in fact included a reduction by transferring money that was intended in the house passed bill to be funding for our troops to the international monetary fund. now, i will say that that may

David Dreier

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David Dreier: be a worthwhile cause as we deal with the economic challenges that exist here in the united states and around the world. but, again, mr. speaker, that's something that should not be considered as an emergency funding measure. it's something that should be cons appropriions process so that we could make a determination wh

David Dreier

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David Dreier: billion the funding for the international monetary fund is more important than transportation priorities here in the united states or other priorities that and so some might like to say that this bill is just a continuation of what we considered last month. mr. speaker, it unfortunately

David Dreier

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David Dreier: has gone a long way down from where we were, creating the potential, the potential for us to not be able to prevent with absolute certainty that terrorists from gitmo end up in the united states. there's no guarantee that that will happen.

David Dreier

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David Dreier: on the i.m.f., on the i.m.f. there's no guarantee, no guarantee in this measure that funding requests could not be ma for countries like iran or venezuela. so, mr. speaker, these are the kinds of things that this troop funding bill is ending up addressing and it was made very

David Dreier

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David Dreier: clear by an overwhelming majority of the remarks that came from our colleagues on the other side of the aisle. and that's why i urge my colleague to vote no on this rule so we can come back and pass in this house what 267 members last friday said that they wanted to have passed and that is a clean, a

David Dreier

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David Dreier: that funds our troops and ensures that we won't have terrorists in the united states, that ensures that we won't be dramatically expanding a wide range of other programs. so vote no on this rule.

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