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House Proceeding 06-16-09 on Jun 16th, 2009 :: 1:24:25 to 1:29:15
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David Dreier

1:24:22 to 1:24:43( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: chairman mollohan for your work on this bill, for key investments in law enforcement and science and urge my colleagues to support it. i yield back my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida. mr. diaz-balart: i yield again to the gentleman from california, such time as he may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. dreier: ski unanimous

David Dreier

1:24:25 to 1:29:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: David Dreier

David Dreier

1:24:44 to 1:25:04( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: const to revise and extend my remarks, i want to congratulate mr. schiff for his thoughtful remarks and i want to say he and i share a commitment to nasa and the important programs that take place at the gentleman propummings laboratory. that's a point. there more -- there are many important items in this bill which continue to be priorities.

David Dreier

1:25:05 to 1:25:25( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: i'd like to say to my friend from utica, who again is working very hard, he's very fortunate, mr. speaker. he's never had to serve in the united states house of representatives as a member of the minority. my dream is that one day he might be able to serve as a member of the minority. and who knows how that will

David Dreier

1:25:26 to 1:25:46( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: come out, it's always up to the voters to make that determination. but i would say that those 127 amendments about which my friend referred and then i referred when i was in the well, are amendments that i had to encourage our colleagues to file. why? first, there were only two

David Dreier

1:25:47 to 1:26:10( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: days, two legislative days that this bill was out there, and if we'd had an open amendment process there would not be -- i can say with absolute certainty there would not be 127 amendments filed to this measure. again, maybe half that, maybe many fewer than that, and many of those amendments are duplicative.

David Dreier

1:26:11 to 1:26:32( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: the reason is that members members might find themselves in the same position as mr. buyer did, that's why i say my friend has served exclusively as the member of the majority, but if one kay he's serving as a member of the minority and were to receive the word that he could not make a minor germane modification to his

David Dreier

1:26:33 to 1:26:53( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: amendment, i think that he would understand the concern that we have. members on this side of the aisle represent just a little less than half of the american people. and they all have just as much right to be heard as members of the majority. i represent -- i recognize the majority does rule in this place, but tt does not mean

David Dreier

1:26:54 to 1:27:17( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: we should prevent members from being able to participate in this process. mr. diaz-balart has entered into the record a document that was put forward in the 108th congress by the now chairwoman of the committee on rule the then ranking minority member. she at that time held the position that i have.

David Dreier

1:27:18 to 1:27:38( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: and the document describes what we are using as our procedure for consideration of this measure as a restrictive process. traditionally, democrats and republicans alike have called it a modified open rule. but the preprinting requirement, according to this document, blocks any amendment

David Dreier

1:27:39 to 1:27:59( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: proposal that might emerge in the course of the debate. those are not my words. those are the words of ms. slaughter, when she was ranking minority member of the committee on rules. so all i'm arguing, mr. speaker, is that in the name of deliberative democracy, this notion of saying that every

David Dreier

1:28:00 to 1:28:21( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: member has had an opportunity to look at this, two legislative days, and the fact that 127 amendments were filed meant that there was this exhaustive analysis of the bill , i think is not an accurate way to characterize it. the 127 amendments we filed,

David Dreier

1:28:22 to 1:28:43( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: i believe many of those 127 amendments were filed because we're not having what has been the long standing tradition allowed to members of this house, and that is an open amendment process for consideration of the measure. that's why again i urge my colleagues to vote with mr. diaz-balart in opposition to the previous question and when

David Dreier

1:28:44 to 1:29:05( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: that's defeated, make in order his amendment that would simply allow members to have the right to make germane modifications to their amendments. with that, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york. mr. arcuri: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield three minutes to the gentleman from west virginia, the distinguished chairman of

David Dreier

1:29:06 to 1:29:18( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: the justice and science committee, mr. mollohan. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. mollohan: i rise in support of the rule, i think it is a

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