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House Proceeding 06-16-09 on Jun 16th, 2009 :: 1:33:45 to 1:38:05
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Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:33:41 to 1:34:02( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: we appreciate that contri i support the rule, mr. speaker, and hope that our colleagues will as well. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back he bala the gentleman from florida. mr. diaz-balart: we reserve the balance of our time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york. mr. arcuri: i yield three

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:33:45 to 1:38:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Sheila Jackson-Lee

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:34:03 to 1:34:23( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: minutes to the gentlewoman from texas, ms. jackson lee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from texas is recognized for three minutes. ms. jackson lee: again, i would like to thank the distinguished gentleman from new york for his ongoing leadership and that of the rule committees. i join with the chairman of the subcommittee on c.g. -- c.j.s.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:34:24 to 1:34:44( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: in congratulating the rules committee for constructing this -- this rule but i also congratulate chairman mollohan and ranking member wolf for a constructive overview of important issues that as a member of the house judiciary committee i have great concern. rise to support the rule but i also want to offer my underlying support for the

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:34:45 to 1:35:06( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: community-oriented policing bill. i was an original co-sponsor on the cops bill out of judiciary, led by mr. wiener. this is an important stopgap for crime across america in helping law enforcement. as an original long standing supporter on the office of violence against women,

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:35:07 to 1:35:27( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: starting with chairman hyde who served so ably -- ably in this body, i'm delighted to see we have $11 more than 2009 with $400 million. in addition, it is important to note the second chance act. wherever i go, mr. speaker, i'm having ex-offenders who want to straighten their life out and get back with their family who need mental health services and

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:35:28 to 1:35:49( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: they need to have the second chance. i hope we can ensure that this makes it through the senate, come into conference and get this money out so we can redeem americans who want to get back on the right track. this is an important issue to be involved in. i want to speak about an issue that's very near and dear. i am a member of the nasa acti team and we note that

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:35:50 to 1:36:10( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: the space exploration, human space flight, has gotten a mark out of this committee of $400 million less than the president's mark. first i'm -- the president nominated general bolden, who is in line to be the next nasa director, but to my colleagues, it is important to note that we are not just talking about money going into space, we're talking

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:36:11 to 1:36:31( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: about the international space station, which i watched being built in my 12 years as a member of the science committee. we have the opportunity to be at the cutti edge of climate research, health care research and heart disease, h.i.v., cancer, on the international space station. the only way to communicate visibly and reasonably to

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:36:32 to 1:36:52( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: provide that kind of human component, human resources is to have human space flight. so i ask my colleagues as we consider this bill to consider the fact that it is not in essence money that flies into space, but real investment in america's genius and america's science, america's innovation,

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:36:53 to 1:37:13( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: america's job creation, the very message of this president. i am disappointed that this mark is less than the president's mark and would hope to be able to present my side of the story, if you will, to this body, but i want to work with my colleagues to ensure that we know that this is out of sincerity and recognition of the vitality of science.

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:37:14 to 1:37:34( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: i'm very pleased of the money that has been put in to climate measures, money put into noaa because i come from the hurricane -- may i get 30 seconds? mr. arcuri: i yield the gentlewoman 30 seconds. ms. jackson lee: thank you very much, the gentleman from new york, and to the speaker. i reallyize how important it is to -- i realize how important it is to have these elements of

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:37:35 to 1:37:56( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: science. the $1.3 billion including the $150 million to deal with space-based climate measurements is important. for those of us on the golf region, the issues dealing with -- gulf region, the issues of dealing with hurricanes and noaa is very important and the national science foundation but let us work together as we look at science in its totality to

Sheila Jackson-Lee

1:37:57 to 1:38:06( Edit History Discussion )

Sheila Jackson-Lee: view the international space station as something we created, something we built. this massive football field that is in space is a miracle in essence. let's utilize it in a vital way

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