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David Dreier

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David Dreier: rather than late to wait to uphold of this bo i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the time of the gentleman has ex the gentleman from florida. mr. hastings: i would inquire of my friend from north carolina if she has additional speakers, i will be the last

David Dreier

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Speech By: David Dreier

David Dreier

0:56:33 to 0:56:55( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: speaker. ms. foxx: we do. mr. hastings: then i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from north carolina. ms. foxx: i would yield five california. gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. dreier: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my

David Dreier

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David Dreier: r the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. dreier: it is absolutely appropriations process through the house of representatives much more easily if the minority party didn't exist. if we weren't here, creating what my friend from fort lauderdale has called shenanigans, using terms like

David Dreier

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David Dreier: that, we could move this process along very easily. unfortunately, the minority party, the group that represents almost half the american people, is being treated as if they don't exist. and this rule is a perfect example of just that, mr.

David Dreier

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David Dreier: speaker. i know that people are saying that yesterday was a history-making day because there were more recorded votes on the floor of the house than have ever been held in modern history. but the real hisry that was made yesterday was the fact that we saw the volume that was

David Dreier

0:58:00 to 0:58:20( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: put forward in the 108th congress by the now chair of the committee on rules, ms. slaughter, described as -- called the death of deliberative democracy, actually implemented here for the first time in the 220-year history of the united states of america. for the fi

David Dreier

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David Dreier: a process begun which is in fact creating a scenario where the majority is ignoring the minority and doing what the american people do not want. i do not believe the arican people want us to continue down the road toward a dramatic increase in federal spending.

David Dreier

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David Dreier: people want to get the economy back on track, people want to make sure their jobs aren't lost, but they're really wondering whether or not the way to do that is to have a huge increase in federal spending. yet that's exactly what is happening and this rule is a perfect example of that.

David Dreier

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David Dreier: i was harshly members of the now majority when i had the privilege of chairing the house rules committee. but i will tell you the last time that i chaired the house rules committee there were seven amendments to the legislative branch appropriations bill submitted to the rules committee. and i was pleased that i could make every single one of those in order. every single amendment that was

David Dreier

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David Dreier: submitted was made in order. and as has been pointed out, 20 amendments were submitted to theules committee for the legislative branch appropriations bill, and only one amendment was made in order. and guess what, mr. speaker, not one single amendment was made in order that would do what the american people want us to do and that is to reduce the size, scope and reach of

David Dreier

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David Dreier: the federal government. a 16% increase, the level of spending under this legislative branch appropriations bill. and we all recognize the need for capitol police and staff and oversight of the executive branch, those are all critically important things. but our colleague from georgia, mr. broun, offered an amendment

David Dreier

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David Dreier: that would simply provide a .5% reduction, .5% reduction and yet the majority chose not to make even that amendment made in order yes, there were larger proposals for cuts and we know there is a tendency on this bill, that's why we've had a bipartisan agreement that this is the one of the 12 appropriations bills that we do have a structured rule on.

David Dreier

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David Dreier: but to not with a 16% increase in the bill to not allow the house to work its will and have a chance for even a .5% reduction in that rate of growth, that's not what the american people want. that's not wh the american people want. and so the death of deliberative democracy was the

David Dreier

1:00:56 to 1:01:18( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: history that was ma yesterday, mr. speaker, because this is in fact the first time at this kind of action has been taken. and unfortunately it has begun a pattern. it's begun a pattern. and as i listen to m friend the fact that he was victimized ?? by the bipartisan leadership

David Dreier

1:01:19 to 1:01:39( Edit History Discussion )

David Dreier: when we in fact had said to him that we wanted to come to a time agreement on consideration of appropriations bills. it is evidence that we can at the leadership level, maybe not every rank and file member, but the leadership can work together. that's why i'm happy to see my very good friend from wisconsin, the chair of the

David Dreier

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David Dreier: appropriations committee here, and i would ask my friend, the distinguish chair of the committee on appropriations, mr. obey, whether or not he

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