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House Proceeding 06-26-09 on Jun 26th, 2009 :: 0:19:25 to 0:24:40
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Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: negotiate with us so that we could reach some of the accommodations in this legislation that has made it a much better bill. i want to yield to him with great admiration five minutes to the gentleman from virginia, mr. boucher. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. boucher: i thank the gentleman for yielding and

Rick Boucher

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Speech By: Rick Boucher
Bill: H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

Rep. Boucher speaks about the innovation H.R. 2454 will encourage and his endorsement of coal power (from his district) as an inexpensive source of electricity.

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: congratulate him on the tremendous leadership he's shown in bringing the issue to the house floor this afternoon. ski unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, ordered. mr. boucher: i rise in strong support of the bill and urge its approval by the house.

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: it achieves broad reductions in greenhouse gases, enhances america's energy security and will unleash investments in clean energy technologies that will create millions of new american jobs. these energyechnologies will evolve from america's laboratories. they will be deployed at home. they will be exported around the world. they will be the foundation for

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: our next technology revolution. and it all start here's with passage today of the clean energyecurity act. approximately 80% of the electricity in the district that i represent is coal-generated. and coal production is one of our region's major industries. it is a major employer of our

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: constituents. not surprisingly, my focus in the shaping of the bill and the energy and commerce committee was to keep electricity rates affordable and to enable utilities to continue using coal which accounts for fully 51% of america's electricity generation.

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: both of these goals have been achiev in the bill that is before us today. electricity rates will be only modestly affected. the nonpartisan congressional budget office says that by 2020, the cost of the entire program for the typical american family will be $175 per year.

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: the environmental protection agency projectthat the nearer term cost for the american family for all elements of this legislation will be between $80 and $110 per year, about 20 cents a day for the typical americ family. so the claims by the opponents that this legislation will

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: impose enormous electricity price increases are simply wrong. and the environmental protection agency projects that by 2020, the usage of coal in our economy will grow as mpared to today's usage. now that may seem somewhat counterintuitive in a bill that

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: regulates greenhouse gas emissions. the e.p.a. projects that by 2020, coal usage in america under the terms of this bill will actually grow. as transportation electrifies, the demand for electricity increases and coal, our most abundant fuel, will still be the fuel of choice to meet the rising demand. the claims of opponents that

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: the co-2 controls under the bill will force utilities to surrender coal use causing an over reliance on natural gas with attendant broad economic harm to the nation are also simply wrong. this is a responsible measure.

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: it is carefully balanced. it reduces greenhouse gases by 83% by the year 2050 as compared to 2005 levels. it keeps electricity rates affordable. it enables coal useage to grow as the demand for electricity increases nationwide. it opens the door to more secure energy future and the creation of millions of new

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: jobs, innovating, deploying and exporting to the world. the new low carbon dioxide emitting technologies that will power our energy future. these are sound reasons to approve the bill. for those who still harbor doubts, let me make a more practical argument to vote for passage. in march of 2007, the supreme

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: court held that carbon dioxide is a poltant. you should that ruling and the terms of -- under that ruling and the terms of the existing act, the environmental protection agency is now effectively required to regulate co-2 emissions. federal regulation for greenhouse gases is now inevitable. it is not a question of whether

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: we're going to have regulation, the only question is whether the regulation will be our carefully balanced congressionally adopted, economically sustainable regulation as contained within the bill before us today or whether we'll have e.p.a.'s regulation under the blunt instrument of the clean air act where economic considerations

Rick Boucher

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Rick Boucher: cannot be fully weighed. given that choice and the path this bill charts for affordable electricity, for increased coal use and for new job creation, i would urge members to make a reasonable decision to approve

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