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David Dreier

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David Dreier: carolina. ms. foxx: thank you, mr. speaker. i now yield such time as he may consume to the distinguished ranking member of the rules committee, mr. dreier of california. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recogniz he may consume. mr. dreier: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection.

David Dreier

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Speech By: David Dreier

David Dreier

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David Dreier: mr. dreier: mr. speaker, i thank my colleague for yielding me the time and i appreciate her time on the rules committee. sadly, she's on the minority side presiding over another very, very, very sad day for democrats and republicans and the american people. mr. speaker, if we pass this rule today, if we pass this record.

David Dreier

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David Dreier: the record that we'll be setting is the largest number of restrictive rules for consideration of appropriations in the history of the republic. now, in the past we've had restrictive rules that have come about after an open amendment process has begun on the floor and the rules committee has taken action. in 1997 it happened on four occasions, and we ultimately

David Dreier

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David Dreier: did in fact put into place restrictive rules. this is the fifth rule for consideration of an appropriation bill, and so by virtue of the action that i suspect this house will take, we've got to rember that the rights of the american people, not the rights of republica, the rights of the american peopledemocrats and republicans, all are being

David Dreier

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David Dreier: subverted with this process that's being put into place. in fact, it's a sad day because by virtue of taking this action, mr. speaker, what's happening is we are now setting the new norm. the new norm is a restrictive process shutting down the rights of democrats and republicans from having an

David Dreier

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David Dreier: opportunity to amend appropriations bills. what i have is a copy of the house rules and manual here, and tragically, tragically as we look at this appropriations process our colleagues are going to in 10 or 20 years from

David Dreier

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David Dreier: now be looking at the rules and manual and the moniker open rule will be little more than a footnote in the history of this institution based on the pattern we have set forward. now, i know that's all inside baseball, but the fact of the matter is it comes down to the effort that's being made by the majority to not only shut out

David Dreier

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David Dreier: members of their own party and republicans but what's happening is we are preventing members from having an opportunity to bring about any kind of reduction in spending. we know that with what we've seen under the actions of this congress what has happened, we spend too much, we tax too much and we borrow too much. and one of the things that's been great about the

David Dreier

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David Dreier: appropriations amendment process in the past has been simply that democrats and republicans could stand up and offer germane amendments that could bring about reductions in spending. our colleague from ohio, mr. jordan, has consistently gone up to the house rules committee, made an attempto bring about some kind of

David Dreier

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David Dreier: opportunity for spending. he's had very few opportunities to do that. and it's denied again in this rule that is before us. and so, mr. speaker, again, it is a very unfortunate thing that when you look at the appropriations bills and see that the bill that we're considering up in the rules committee now, the foreign

David Dreier

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David Dreier: operations bill, has a 33% increase. the interior bill, a 17% increase. this agriculture bill that we're considering the rule on right now, a nearly 12% spending increase. now, the american people have sent a very clear message, they want to make sure they keep their jobs, they don't want to

David Dreier

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David Dreier: lose their businesses, they don't want to lose their homes, and they were promised by president obama if we pass a $787 billion stimulus bill the unemployment rate would not exceed 8%. well, it's now 9.5%, and so i think thmessage may be getting through to sompeople who heretofore may have been supportive of an increase in spending that maybe that's not

David Dreier

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David Dreier: the best way. i think democrats and republicans alike may want to have an opportunity to bring about some kind of reduction in these 17% increases, the 11% to 12% increases, the 33% increases when they and their family budgets are trying to hold on to their jobs and obviously if they've lost their

David Dreier

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David Dreier: jobs or their homes they are faced with tremendous, tremendous reductions in their own personal budgets. so we recognize that there is a proper role for the federal government. spending needs to take place, but we should not, we should not, mr. speaker, in any way be continuing down the road that we are denying democrats and republicans an opportunity to

David Dreier

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David Dreier: bring about even the most modest of spending cuts. i think of our friend, mr. broun from georgia, who regularly comes before us to offer a .5% cut in appropriations spending. and we deny him through this process which is now unprecedented, never been done before in the 220-year history of the country denied an

David Dreier

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David Dreier: opportunity to do just that. and so again, mr. speaker, i hope very much that we will

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