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House Proceeding 07-09-09 on Jul 9th, 2009 :: 1:11:55 to 1:15:40
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Tom Price

1:11:47 to 1:12:07( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: requirement, and three, the house rules committee shall report out open rules for all general appropriations bills throughout the remainder of the 111th congress. the speaker pro tempore: does the gentleman from georgia wish

Tom Price

1:11:55 to 1:15:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Price

Tom Price

1:12:08 to 1:12:29( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: to prese an argument why the relution is privileged? mr. price: i do. rule 9 of the house says questions of privilege shall be first those affecting the right ofse thus -- of the house collectively, its safety, dignity, and the intigity of its proceedings. the integrity of its proceedings.

Tom Price

1:12:30 to 1:12:50( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: mr. speaker, clearly, clearly the unprecedented action that was been taken by the democrats in charge have disenfranchised every single member of this appropriations bills have been by tradition and previously by rule brought to the floor under what's called an open rule which mean this is a every

Tom Price

1:12:51 to 1:13:11( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: single member of the house has an opportunity to affect the bill to represent his or her constituents. each of us represents basically the same number of folks, 650,000, 675,000. when members are not allowed to bring amendments to the floor on the spending of their

Tom Price

1:13:12 to 1:13:32( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: constituents' tax money, that disenfranchises those members. that's an affront to the house. it presents an indignity to the house. mr. speaker, i understand that the closed rule that was passed recently yesterday resulted in more closed rules on

Tom Price

1:13:33 to 1:13:53( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: appropriations bills in this house of representatives by thiseadership, by these democrats in charge, more than any in the history, not of this decade, not of this century, but in the history of this republic. mr. speaker, in the historyf

Tom Price

1:13:54 to 1:14:14( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: this republic. now i know mfriend from california says that this is not the way we want things to operate. but mr. speaker, they control the process. they control the process. they control this tyranny. mr. speaker, it is indeed tyranny.

Tom Price

1:14:15 to 1:14:35( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: it's tyranny of the majority. it's what de tocqueville warned about over 150 years ago when he said that the majority can indeed shut down the rights of the minority. that's exactly what's happening, which is why this resolution ought to be a privileged resolution. beuse what it directs the rules committee to do is to

Tom Price

1:14:36 to 1:14:57( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: return to regular order. return to a process that allows each and every one of us to represent our constituents. return to a process that mr. obey, then in the minority, on the appropriations commiee, said, quote, we have gotten so far from the regular order that i fear that if this continues, the house will not have the

Tom Price

1:14:58 to 1:15:18( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: capacity to return to the precedents and procedures of the house that have given true mening to the term representative democracy. the reason we have stuck to regular order as long we have in this institution is to protect the rights of every member to participate. when we lose those rights, we lose the right to be called the

Tom Price

1:15:19 to 1:15:39( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: greatest deliberative body in the world. mr. speaker, the tyranny of this majority, the tyranny of the folks in charge right now have resulted in an affront on this house. those actions, these actions have clearly violated the integrity of our proceedings and therefore i believe that

Tom Price

1:15:40 to 1:15:41( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: this resolution qualifies as a privileged resolution of this

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