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House Proceeding 07-09-09 on Jul 9th, 2009 :: 2:06:25 to 2:10:55
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Barney Frank

2:06:21 to 2:06:41( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: on this amendment and i yield to my good the financial services mr. frank: i thank the gentlewoman. as i listen to the gentleman from texas, i recall these ferocious debates we have had led by a true fiscal conservative, the gentleman from arizona, as he assailed earmarks.

Barney Frank

2:06:25 to 2:10:55( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Barney Frank

Barney Frank

2:06:42 to 2:07:02( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: i h texas' voice in the earmarks debate. then i realized he was confused. he was defending his earmark. the gentleman's ferocity on behalf of fiscal conservatism does not extend to every earmark including his own. i understand that. but it did seem to me a little inconsistent with the uncompromising ferocity of his

Barney Frank

2:07:03 to 2:07:23( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: rhetoric. the gentleman does not come here with quite the credentials, as, for instance, the gentleman from arizona. as to the money here being spent, i would say this, the gentleman said where will we cut? i'd like to cut the f-22 spending which we no longer need. i supported the president's proposal for cuts in agriculture spending. this notion it's always the

Barney Frank

2:07:24 to 2:07:45( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: liberals who want to spend and the conservatives who don't is fallacious. when it comes to unnecessary cold war weapons when, it comes to american troops being stationed overseas in countries where they should be be able to defend themselves. we could save a lot more money overseas by telling our wealthy allies it's time for them to defend themselves. that's a lot better in my mind than cutting a much smaller

Barney Frank

2:07:46 to 2:08:06( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: amount of money that goes to feed poor children. that goes to preventable deaths in the health care area. and which also save us because there has been the correct perception by a whole range of people, including secretary gates, including colin powell a. number of distinguished republicans who have served in national security positions that it is far better to spend money

Barney Frank

2:08:07 to 2:08:27( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: sensibly to avoid the kind of social conditions that don't cause terrorism. the terrorists are sick people with no justification. but it makes support for them. it recruits for them. and we shoulde undercutting their recruiting by these kinds of things. the gentleman almost sneeringly id it's global environmental. let's be national.

Barney Frank

2:08:28 to 2:08:48( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: well, it may pain the gentleman, but it's kind of hard to confine the environment to the borders of the united states. the environment does not respect borders. so if you want to deal with the environment, it has to be done globally. many of us feel it would be a grave error for us to go ahead with tough climate issues here unlesse also did internationally.

Barney Frank

2:08:49 to 2:09:11( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: i was very proud along with spencer bachus and jim leach and maxine waters at the urging of the late pope john paul ii to do debt relief for the poorest countries in the world, to take money that would otherwise go to pay of deb and give it to the poor children and to health care. and this would threaten that kind of program. so the half a billion dollars

Barney Frank

2:09:12 to 2:09:32( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: here, it pails -- pales in comparison not in general because it's a lot of money, but money spent on unnecessary cold war weapons, on money that goes tore agricultural subsidies to farmers who do not need it. on spending human beings to mars. i don't know how the gentleman plans to vote on that. i plan to vote if that comes up against -- i'll yield.

Barney Frank

2:09:33 to 2:09:53( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: mr. culberson: thank you very much. i did vote against $2.6 trillion spending under president bush. i voted against the farm i voted against -- mr. frank: i take back my time explain to the gentleman. i wasn't questioning his credentials except for earmark. everyone is entitled to earmark. i'm sorrydy not yield again. i said the gentleman made cuts elsewhere.

Barney Frank

2:09:54 to 2:10:14( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: i wasn't say the gentleman didn't vote for cuts. i was refuting his notion that liberals don't vote for cuts. i voted for many cuts to bring down the overall budget. mr chairman, does the gentleman need an instruction on the rules of the house? he does not speak until i yield to him? the chair: the gentleman from massachusetts controls the time. mr. frank: the point is the gentleman used up his five mites unwisely.

Barney Frank

2:10:15 to 2:10:35( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: he should have reserved time. he don't it. that's the way it goes. the fact aleaveating poverty overseas going -- alleviating poverty overseas going to the aid of chern who will die of measles, diarrhea, and other illnesses it is a far better use of our money morally and also in terms of national security because i repeat against what secretary gates has said, colin

Barney Frank

2:10:36 to 2:10:55( Edit History Discussion )

Barney Frank: powell has said, what sensible military leaders have said. a much smaller amount of money spent in these ways on sensible efforts to alleviate the misery conditions that lead to support for terrorism, not the terrorism themselves, is a very good way to preserve the national security much more cheaply in terms of human lives and in

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