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House Proceeding 07-09-09 on Jul 9th, 2009 :: 1:13:50 to 1:18:00
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Tom Price

1:13:49 to 1:14:09( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: member of the g-7, dr. tom price. mr. price: thank you so much dr. burgess for your leadership on this issue and so many others. i want to thank you for your participation in the event we had at george washington university and the wonderful perspective that you bring as a physician to the table. in my previous life i was an orthopedic surgeon.

Tom Price

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Speech By: Tom Price

Tom Price

1:14:10 to 1:14:31( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: i spent 20-plus years practicing orthedic surgery in the atlanta area. as we move forward with health reform, it's clear that something is coming. and i get asked by folks, what kinds of things don't we want? what kinds of things can they do to us that would be bad? and i would suggest, dr. burgess, and colleagues, that

Tom Price

1:14:32 to 1:14:52( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: three things that would be a death knell for quality health care in the united states. the first is creeding -- creding the definition of quality to government. if we say as society we are going to allow the bureaucrats, nonmedical individuals, to decide whatuality health care as has been proposed by the president through his

Tom Price

1:14:53 to 1:15:14( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: effectiveness research council and others with the list of programs that you heard mr. shadegg describe just a moment ago, then that would be a death knell for american medicine. quality truly is only known by compassionate caring physicians and patients and their families who know what is bestor them. because there is no way that the government can define what's

Tom Price

1:15:15 to 1:15:35( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: best for each and every individual. a second death knell for quality health care i believe to be any mandate, individual or employer mandate. if individuals are required to purchase health insurance, that's a death knell. if employers are required to provide health insurance, that's a death knell. why? it's a mandate which is a bad idea, but more importantly when

Tom Price

1:15:36 to 1:15:56( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: we here in washington mandate something what, we do is define whatuary -- what we are mandating. we would define health coverage. dr. burgess, you well know that this congress would define something that doesn't include all sorts of robust things already out there in the marketplace like health savings accounts, medical savings

Tom Price

1:15:57 to 1:16:17( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: accounts, high deductible catastrophic plans, some cafeteria plans. they wouldn't only be unavailable, they would be illegal. this congress would make them illegal. and so the notion that if you like what you have you could keep it is just followy. it's pure fiction. final death knell to the quality of american health care i believe to be any government-run program.

Tom Price

1:16:18 to 1:16:38( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: any government takeover of any portion of our health care system beyond where it already is. the public option as it's described which is a euphemism for a government takeover. why is that? well, i would ask my friends on the other side of the aisle and really folks across this land to think about your health care

Tom Price

1:16:39 to 1:16:59( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: principles. what are your health care principles? what do you believe ought to be foremost in any bill that we produce? i've got six of them. they are accessibility. we ought to have accessibility to the health care system for all americans. affordability. it ought to be affordable. ought not have the cost rise more than they should. quality, we need the highest

Tom Price

1:17:00 to 1:17:20( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: quality of health care. responsiveness and innovation. we need a system that's responsive. and choices. we need choices. those are my six. accessibility, affordability, quality, responsiveness, innovation, and choices. i would suggest to my colleagues that none of those, in fact i would suggest that none of the principles that any american could come up with, are improved by the intervention of the

Tom Price

1:17:21 to 1:17:42( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: federal government. none of them are improved by more government control. none of them are improved by an administration that believes that a health czar is what we need as opposed to the highest quality of medicine. there are wonderful solutions and i know we'll be talking about them this evening. i want to commend my colleague from texas, dr. burgess, for his

Tom Price

1:17:43 to 1:18:00( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Price: leadership onhis issue. and can only hope that as we move forward, we do, we are allowed to have an open and a vibrant discussion so that the congress of the united states can have the benefit of the wonderful experience of people on both sides of the aisle as we

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