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House Proceeding 07-10-09 on Jul 10th, 2009 :: 1:03:25 to 1:09:00
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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: country now is the time to pass comprehensive immigration reform and i strongly urge my colleagues to support it. thank you, mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes mr. poef texas. for what purpose does the gentleman from indiana rise? mr. burton: i ask unanimous

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

1:03:42 to 1:04:02( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: consent to address the house for five mines and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. burton: mr. speaker, the people of this country many times get so frustrated because they think that we here in congress don't hear them we don't listen to them. i have couple of letters here i'd like to read into the record, at least part of them,

Dan Burton

1:04:03 to 1:04:23( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: so my colleagues in the house get some flavor of what people in mid-america are thinking right now. this is from a lady named emmaline, she says, it was great to hearrom you at the lincoln's day dinner.

Dan Burton

1:04:24 to 1:04:45( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: she said, we are appalled by what is happening in washington. now in our 80's, we have seen many administrations. none has been as frightening as this one. in less than six months president obama has drown the government into business. the government's business is governing, not business. there's no doubt they have

Dan Burton

1:04:46 to 1:05:06( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: taken us far on the road to socialism so far we fear there's no return. their spending is out of this world and will not save the economy in the long run bailouts don't work. the health care issue, the credit card issue, the card check issue and more are taking us far from free enterprise and are causing many citizens to

Dan Burton

1:05:07 to 1:05:28( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: give up on self-reliance and responsibility in favor of relying on the government there is little incentive for talented people to innovate, work hard, and create business. what a terrible lesson. we pray you fight for this movement. at the same time, we pray you'll support the united states safe and keep the united states safe in every way you possibly can. you can see, and you can hear the frustration in this bay

Dan Burton

1:05:29 to 1:05:50( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: lady by the way her letter sounds. then there's another one here from a general motors deal for the what bash, indiana. i'll just read -- in wabash, indiana. i want to put the whole thing in the record, but i want to read part of it because it tells you the frustration small business people have in this country.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: it's from david and kay dores and she says, my husband david and i are the owners and operators of a chevrolet dealership in wabash, indiana. it was started by my husband's grandfather, gus.

Dan Burton

1:06:13 to 1:06:33( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: he came to wabsash dealership in, he came from detroit and lived by the philosophy, give back to the community because they give to you. we have been extremely loyal to general motors and our community. small business is what helped build this great country of ours and loyalty is what makes all of us successful. we have always given back

Dan Burton

1:06:34 to 1:06:55( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: whenever asked, often times without ing asked. we have always paid taxes. we've always voted. we have always made contributions. we've always participated in the programs that general motors asked us to participate in. then they go on to say that they had an attorney talking to them about the way they're being treated by the government and by general motors which is now controlled by the

Dan Burton

1:06:56 to 1:07:16( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: government, government motors, no longer general motors. they say, we are now no longer to be part of the new general motors. we're no longer good enough. even though we're part of the faion that helped support them for years. i heard an attorney representing dealers speak, he said, where are your elected representatives?

Dan Burton

1:07:17 to 1:07:38( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: where are the elected officials you donated to? where are the elected officials you voted for? he said these people never hesitated to ask for your help but where are they now? the most important question asked was, why are you allowing them to turn your backs on you. i'd like to say, if i were talking to my colleagues in the house, my friends in the senate, or if i were talking to

Dan Burton

1:07:39 to 1:07:59( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: the president, i would say, it's time for us to pay attention to these people. instead of putting everything under government control, instead of trying to bail out everything by printing money we don't have, we ought to be tting taxes like they did under ronald reagan. with we cut taxes across the board when we had terrible problems in the early 1980's.

Dan Burton

1:08:00 to 1:08:22( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: we had 14% inflation, 12% unemployment, worse than we have now and when reagan came in, instead of throwing money at everything he said, we're going to give people some of their money back, cut their taxes, cut business taxes, because if we do that, they'll have more income and more money to spend on expanding our economy. to buy product, produce new productsing and he did that. and because of that we had one

Dan Burton

1:08:23 to 1:08:43( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: of the longest periods of economic expansion in this country's history. you compare that to what we're seeing today where businesses are being driven out of business this business has been there for 60 years and they're going out of business because we're trying to solve the problems by letting government solve everything. 61% of general motors will be run by the unions now and we've spent $57 bling bailing these

Dan Burton

1:08:44 to 1:09:01( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: companies out when we could have done it the rayway ronald reagan did. i want to end by saying i feel real frustration when i get these letters from my constituents and i hope my colleagues are paying attention and the people at the white house are paying attention because instead of printing more money and throwing more

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