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John Barrow

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John Barrow: thanks to pope barrow and i would urge a unanimous vote in support of this resolution. and at this balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from georgia rise? mr. barrow: resuming our time. i would like to ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks on the

John Barrow

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Speech By: John Barrow

John Barrow

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John Barrow: record on this resolution. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. barrow: i yield myself such time as i may consume. there are a lot of lives that you can live in the law. you can live the life of the fighter, the champion on the whoit horse, litigator, trial lawyer.

John Barrow

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John Barrow: you can live the life of the counselor, deal maker, the person who plots his client's course through uncertain waters. there are a lot of lives you can live in the law ffment you are going to be a deal maker, i venture there are very few callings in the world that can call upon as much in the life as

John Barrow

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John Barrow: counsel to a legislative body, the greatest calling of that sort would be a legislative counsel to the house of representatives. the biggest deals in the country are made in this chamber. this chamber poses and settle bodies of law over decades and

John Barrow

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John Barrow: other institutions and short of only the constitution of the united states there isn't anything that can stop. it is essential we have the best counsel in order to make sure the law we make as we plan for the future are fully informed and have the best counsel behind them.

John Barrow

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John Barrow: you know, a hollywood mog you will saia oral contract ain't worth the paper its written on. or if it can't be read, it hadn't been said. the undertakings that are made by members of this body that are oral, that be reduced to writing and those wtings be clear,

John Barrow

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John Barrow: understandable, read and interpreted by all of the parties, as mr. lungren said, you have to rely on counsel. over the last 50 years, i venture to say if carlisle is right, he is the one who said there is no thing as history. there is no history, just the biography of great men.

John Barrow

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John Barrow: if that's true, if you subscribe the lawyer theory of history, there is no biography of great lawyers. the personal biography of john dingell, over the past 40 years, the legislative record has been the professional biography of pope barrow who has guided this

John Barrow

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John Barrow: house by giving people the language to understand the deals that are made a fellow named charles black said the material of all tragedy is the failure to recognize kinship. if that is true in relations between countries and relations between people, it's true in the

John Barrow

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John Barrow: law not to understand what we do. the regulatory agencies are doing, the states are doing, what this government has done in prior years and prior congresses, the failure to recognize that kinship can lead to trouble. it is a great personal matter -- personal pride for me that i recognize a different kind of conditionship with the gentleman

John Barrow

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John Barrow: we honor today, because we have kinship of much more basic's kind. his father's father's father and my father's father's father is the same man. i'm reminded though of the

John Barrow

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John Barrow: definition of geneology. well, i do care to know my descend events of a common ancestor. it's not howell to say how great my district is represented, but

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