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Tom Price

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Tom Price: behalf of all of their constituents that seek to preserve and enjoy both these migratory birds and their habitats. thank you and i yield back the balance of my time, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from south carolina. mr. brown: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield four minutes to the gentleman from georgia, dr. price.

Tom Price

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Speech By: Tom Price

Tom Price

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Tom Price: the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia is recognized for four minutes. mr. price: thank you, mr. speaker, and i want to thank my friend from south carolina for his leadership on this issue and for allowing me to speak for a few moments. this is clearly a bl that's supported on a bipartisan basis and something that ought to move forward. it's something that many care about.

Tom Price

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Tom Price: i would suggest, mr. speaker, however, that what the american people care about mainly right now are the economy and jobs. the economy, spending, borrowing, the national debt, the national debt as of june 30

Tom Price

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Tom Price: stood at $11 trillion,-- $11,545,376,-- mr. speaker, i know that's hard to believe, but that's $37,609.23 for every man, woman and child in america. national debt has increased by

Tom Price

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Tom Price: $223.7 billion. a remarkable, remarkable amount of increase. since the democrats took control of congress, the national debt has increased $2.9 trillion. trillion control. that's over $9,300 a person.

Tom Price

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Tom Price: at the end of april, the u.s. government owed china $763.5 billion this year alone -- $763.5 billion. this year alone it has increased. so the economy is front and center for the american people. it's what is causing them the greatest amount of heartache,

Tom Price

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Tom Price: the greatest amount of concern. it's what moms and dads across this land are worried about when they tuck their kids in at night. american people are hurting. millions of americans are out of work and hundreds of thousands continue to lose their jobs each and every month. now, the president -- present

Tom Price

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Tom Price: administration, the obama administration and the democrats in charge here in congress promised that their trillion-dollar, quote, stimulus, unquote, package would create jobs immediately, they said. immediately. and unemployment wouldn't rise to over 8% if their program was adopted. president obama inact said that the stimulus bill recently, quote, done its job, unquote,

Tom Price

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Tom Price: and, quote, is working exactly as we anticipated, unquote. well, mr. speaker, i know that comes as a surprise to the american people as 1.96 million americans have lost their jobs since the stimulus was enacted. i'm not quite certain that they believe that the stimulus has, quote, done its job and worked exactly as they anticipated. in june alone, almost a half

Tom Price

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Tom Price: million jobs were lost, increasing unemployment to 9.5%, the highest level in 26 years. the highest leveln 26 years. so it's clear that the stimulus pack an speaker. and the american people have a right to know where are the jobs? where are the jobs?

Tom Price

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Tom Price: now the good news is that republicans have a real plan. a real plan for a real recovery. fiscal discipline here in washington, tax relief for working families and small businesses and family farms, small businesses and family farms, the job creation engine of our nation. so the american people deserve a recovery plan. they do, indeed. they deserve a plan that puts americans ck to work.

Tom Price

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Tom Price: no more borrowing, no more spending, no more unemployment. mr. speaker, the good news is that republicans have a positive plan, positive solutions for the economy, for jobs, for energy self-sufficiency and, yes, for health reform. so whether it's the economy and jobs that the american people are concerned about, whether

Tom Price

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Tom Price: it's being able to put gasoline in their car so they can get to work for their second or their third job, trying to make ends meet at home, whether it's providing health care for

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