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House Proceeding 07-15-09 on Jul 15th, 2009 :: 2:12:00 to 2:15:20
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Marsha Blackburn

2:11:41 to 2:12:01( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: amendm gentleman from louisiana. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. the amendment is agreed to. mr. frelinghuysen: mr. chairman, i request a recorded vote. the chair: pursuant to clause 6 of rule 18, further proceedings on the amendment offered by the gentleman from louisiana will be postponed. it is now in order to consider amendment number 11 printed in

Marsha Blackburn

2:12:00 to 2:15:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Marsha Blackburn

Marsha Blackburn

2:12:02 to 2:12:22( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: part a of house report 111land 2 ot. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from tennessee rise? mrs. blackburn: thank you, mr. the desk. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk: part a, amendment number 11, printed in house report 111-209 offered by mrs. blackburn of tennessee. the chair: the gentlewoman from tennessee, mrs. blackburn, and a member opposed each will control

Marsha Blackburn

2:12:23 to 2:12:44( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from tennessee. mrs. blackburn: thank you, mr. chairman. i rise today on behalf of the american taxpayer to continue my push to rein in federal spending by just 5%. as with the other appropriations bills that my colleagues and i have attempted to amend this year, this proposal would

Marsha Blackburn

2:12:45 to 2:13:06( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: enforce a 5% across the board cut to the energy and water appropriations bill. my amendment would save the taxpayer $1.7 billion and reset the energy and water spending levels for the next budt. spending on energy and water programs has increased by, get

Marsha Blackburn

2:13:07 to 2:13:27( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: this, $18 -- 183% over the three years. under the majority's control, spending has increased 183%. the very programs being funded on the house floor this afternoon have already received $51 billion in st and $7 billion in supplemental funding this year, this one

Marsha Blackburn

2:13:28 to 2:13:48( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: year. this congress has already spent more than $1 trillion than we have taken in. this $1 trilli deficit is the largest in american history in my opinion, this deficit represents the height of fiscal irresponsibility and is absolutely unconscionable.

Marsha Blackburn

2:13:49 to 2:14:09( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: on top of it, many of my colleagues are proposing another $1 trillion in government-run health care spending. every day we are laying more and more debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren, i ask my colleagues, how do we expect these children and grandchildren, how do i expect my grandsons to pay for college

Marsha Blackburn

2:14:10 to 2:14:30( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: or first home or start a business when they already owe $70,000 to the federal government? mr. speaker, we have to realize debt incurred is opportunity nied. my constituents keeping me we're tired of the government spending money we have not made on programs we don't want.

Marsha Blackburn

2:14:31 to 2:14:51( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: through this appropriations psyching, i've ait tended to rein in this and i ask the bureaucrats in washington and their patrons in congress to trim a nickel from every $1 that they are going to spend as our deficit and our debt grow to historic and dangerous proportions.

Marsha Blackburn

2:14:52 to 2:15:13( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: it is more urgent than ever that we take tion and bring spending under control and i reserve the balance of my time. the chai the gentlewoman reserves the balance of her time. the gentleman from arizona. mr. pastor: i rise in opposition to the amendment. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. pastor: the amendment proposes a 5% reduction of every account

Marsha Blackburn

2:15:14 to 2:15:21( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: if you exclude the recovery money as i mentioned in my opening statement, this bill

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