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House Proceeding 07-15-09 on Jul 15th, 2009 :: 2:17:45 to 2:20:25
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Marsha Blackburn

2:17:34 to 2:17:54( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: take $1.6 billion bite across each of these initiatives and i think that would be pretty devastating and as a result i rise with him to oppose this amendment. thank four -- thank you for yi mr. pastor: i would requt members vote against this amendment and i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time.

Marsha Blackburn

2:17:45 to 2:20:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Marsha Blackburn

Marsha Blackburn

2:17:55 to 2:18:15( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: the gentlewoman from tennessee. mrs. blackburn: thank you, mr. chairman. i would remind my good colleagues that this is not federal government money, this is the taxpayer money and every year on april 15, the taxpayers send their portion to the federal government and they charge us for looking after that money. many times they set aside hopes, dreams, college educations. they don't get to pursue their priorities because they have to

Marsha Blackburn

2:18:16 to 2:18:36( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: send the money to washington and i find it absolutely incomprehensible that this body is not willing to turn to the bureaucrats that line all of these streets and these granite buildings and say, save a nickel out of the dollar, allow our children and grandchildren to

Marsha Blackburn

2:18:37 to 2:18:57( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: have opportunities. we have to realize, as i said, debt incurred today is opportunity denied for these children and grandchildren. and i've heard all these arguments before. when i was in the state senate in tennessee they had this grandiose health care plan called tenncare. oh, it was going to save all this money, it was public public option.

Marsha Blackburn

2:18:58 to 2:19:19( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: it nearly bankrupted the state. when i offered amendments to make across the board cuts, oh, those are draconian, those are inscrinlt, it's going to shut government well, guess what? they never took the cuts we had but when a democrat government came iand he was faced with insurmountable seeming odds on balancing a budget because we

Marsha Blackburn

2:19:20 to 2:19:41( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: have an amendment, he made 9% across the board cuts. we need to do this. we need to make the hard choices of where we're going to spend this money. you can't say, well, when you exclude this from the stimulu and when you exclude this amoun of money, when you exclude this, $51 billion from stimulus and

Marsha Blackburn

2:19:42 to 2:20:03( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: this $7 billion from supplemental, then it's only this, well, guess what? that money is already spent. you spent the money, so unless they pay it all back, you can't exclude it, so your fuzzy math doesn't add up. it doesn't add up. you've already spent that money.

Marsha Blackburn

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Marsha Blackburn: the person that is being undercut is the american taxpayer and it is being done by the selfishness and by the greed of those who refuse to say no to a growing, out of control federal bureaucracy. i think it is time that we get someackbone on this spending

Marsha Blackburn

2:20:25 to 2:20:25( Edit History Discussion )

Marsha Blackburn: issue.

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