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House Proceeding 07-15-09 on Jul 15th, 2009 :: 1:31:50 to 1:36:20
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Ted Poe

1:31:33 to 1:31:50( Edit History Discussion )

Ted Poe: report number by mr. hensarling of texas. the chair: pursuant to house resolution number 645, the gentleman from texas, mr. hensarling, and a member opposed, each will control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas. mr. hensarling: thank you, mr. chairman.

Jeb Hensarling

1:31:50 to 1:36:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jeb Hensarling

Jeb Hensarling

1:31:51 to 1:32:11( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: this is an amendment that would strike an earmark also known as pork barrel spending, for pier 36 removal in san francis, california, reduce the overall account by $6.22 million.

Jeb Hensarling

1:32:12 to 1:32:32( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: apparently pier 36 is located along the san francisco bay, apparently according to san francisco's port authority which owns the pier removal of the pier is necessary to begin a new wharf project. again, mr. chairman, i would

Jeb Hensarling

1:32:33 to 1:32:57( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: just ask several different questions about this particular earmark. although i have no doubt that removal of this pier must be a good thing, i'm kind of curious why the san francisco port authority doesn't pay for it itself. i don't think the federal government owns this particular pier.

Jeb Hensarling

1:33:00 to 1:33:21( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: . again, i don't think this is a good use of the money. i question if it's a good use of the federal taxpayer money at this time. again, mr. chairman, this amdment has to be put in context of the spending that goes on around here. you know, mr. chairman, i think, when wi we stop the madness?

Jeb Hensarling

1:33:22 to 1:33:43( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: when will it stop? my democratic colleagues from across the aisle have now brought us a budget which will triple, triple the national debt in 10 years, triple it, mr. chairman. we will run up under their budget more debt, more debt in the next 10 years than in the

Jeb Hensarling

1:33:44 to 1:34:05( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: previous 220 years of our republic combined. i mean, this is shocking, absolutely shocking. now, mr. chairman, as you well know, for the first time, for the first time in our nation's history, the federal deficit has exceed $1 trillion. and in just two years, the federal deficit has increased

Jeb Hensarling

1:34:06 to 1:34:26( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: 10-fold. we are borrowing 46 cents on every dollar, borrowing it from the chinese, the japanese, the russians. tin cup in hand running around the world saying, please, please, lend me money, because i can't stop spending. now i heard one of my colleagues say earlier, this is

Jeb Hensarling

1:34:27 to 1:34:47( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: just nickel and dime kind of stuff. number one, mr. chairman, i hope i am never in washington so long that i conclude that $6.22 million of the taxpayer money is not a lot. now, i know relative to the entirety of the spending explosion that's going on around this place, maybe it's not a huge amount but, mr.

Jeb Hensarling

1:34:48 to 1:35:08( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: chairman, you know, if you don't start saving the pennies and nickels, how will you ever save the dollars? i've seen no attempt around this place to reform medicare, reform medicaid, reform social security. i mean, i'm told that somehow if we nationalize, federalize health care, that if we have a

Jeb Hensarling

1:35:09 to 1:35:29( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: federal bureaucrat somehow stand between people's families and their doctors that somehow that's going to save money when the congressional budget office says it will cost at lea $1 trillion, and that's just a down payment. i've never known the federal government to take sething over and somehow it's going to cost less money. you know, mr. chairman, this goes to the culture of the spending.

Jeb Hensarling

1:35:30 to 1:35:50( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: and unless you change the culture of ending, you are you a never going to change spending. -- you're never going to change spending. according to the website this is the request of the speaker of the house. she can lead by example more so than any individual in this institution. she can lead by example. in november, 2006, she said,

Jeb Hensarling

1:35:51 to 1:36:12( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: quote, you can't have bridges to nowhere for america's children tpay for, unquote. well, mr. chairman, apparently you can't have piers to nowhere for america's children to pay for. the speaker of the house once said, quote, it's just absolutely immoral, immoral for us to heap those deficits on our children, unquote, yet the

Jeb Hensarling

1:36:13 to 1:36:21( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: speaker of the house today will heap an additional $6.22 million of deficit on our children.

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