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House Proceeding 07-15-09 on Jul 15th, 2009 :: 2:12:15 to 2:17:05
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Dan Burton

2:12:13 to 2:12:37( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: 3036 and join in bringing transparency to the cost of foreign travel by members of congress and with that, mr. speaker, i will yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. mr. massa from new york. for what purpose does the gentleman from indiana rise? mr. burton: ask unanimous

Dan Burton

2:12:15 to 2:17:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

2:12:38 to 2:12:58( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: consent five minutes, revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without indiana is recognized for five minutes. mr. burton: thank you, mr. speaker. this is not a road map. this is the democrat's new health care plan. you can believe that? all these white things, i was just talking to my colleague, mr. poe from texas, over there,

Dan Burton

2:12:59 to 2:13:20( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: and all these white things are new agencies of government. new agencies of government that we're going to have to pay for in order to take care of the health of the nation. now this thing is going to cost between $1 trillion and $3 trillion over the next 10 years. and i doubt seriously if anybody

Dan Burton

2:13:21 to 2:13:41( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: that's writing this 1,200-page bill or whatever it is knows what this stuff does. it's just crazy. look at all these agencies. look at the mind fields that -- mine fields that people have to get through to get to their doctor to take care of their health care needs. other countries that have used this kind of an approach

Dan Burton

2:13:42 to 2:14:02( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: ratied health care for senior citizen, they rationed health care for people who have certain kinds of diseases, they have to wait months and months and months for m.r.i.'s and other things that we would get very rapidly here in the united states because we have the highest quality of health care in the world. and so we're going to create a government bureaucracy and i hope my colleagu back in their

Dan Burton

2:14:03 to 2:14:24( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: offices are look at this, because most of them haven't seen this, we're creating a government bureaucracy that looks worse than any federal highway system like in california. i mean, you can't even find your way around ts thing. but that's not the worst of it. since last october, this is how much money we've spent, $700 billion on the tarp program,

Dan Burton

2:14:25 to 2:14:46( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: which includes $54 billion for the auto bailout, which we really didn't need to do because they filed for bankruptcy anyhow. so that $54 billion was wasted. that's -- who cares? that's just taxpayers' money. then we had $1.1 trillion, including interests, for the stimulu working, because they said that was going to keep unemployment

Dan Burton

2:14:47 to 2:15:09( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: below 8% and now it's 9.5% and going up like a rocket. so that didn't work. that's $1.1 trillion. on the omnibus spending bill we had $410 billion. the defense supplemental, $106 billion. necessity for that. the ship bill, $73 billion. the cap and trade, which is going to cost every family in this country between $1,000 and

Dan Burton

2:15:10 to 2:15:30( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: $3,000 a year in additional expenses for turning on their lights or putting gasoline in their car or getting gas to heat their house. and then this health care bill, $1.-- $trillion to $3 trillion -- $1 trillion to $3 trillion and it's going to be more than that. let me tell you a story.

Dan Burton

2:15:31 to 2:15:53( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: when i was a state senator, the federal government came in and said, if you don't atake the medicaid bill we're going -- if you don't take the medicaid bill, we're going to withdraw in federal highway funds. they were blackmailing the s of indiana by saying we were going to lose $2.5 million if we didn't take it. and i went to the senate floor

Dan Burton

2:15:54 to 2:16:15( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: and i said, hey, it's going to cost us 10 times this amount of money if we do take medicaid. i said it would cost about $25 million. do you know how now? between billion a year. i was so far off it isn't funny. and this thing right here is not gng to cost $1 trillion to $3 trillion. it's going to cost trillions more than that.

Dan Burton

2:16:16 to 2:16:36( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: it's going to reduce the quality of health care. it's going to cause rationing of health care and it's going to ruin the system of health care we have in this country. it's just a tragedy that this is happening. this administration is moving as rapidly as possle as they can toward a socialistic form of government. and everybody in this country ought to know it. they're trying to control and

Dan Burton

2:16:58 to 2:17:06( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: i know i can't address them, mr. speaker, but if i were addressing the american people d say, contact your congressman and tell him you don't want this mess passed into

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