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Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: he was quite a person. he was the best that america has. and that's just the way it is. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. ms. watson. . for what purpose does the gentlelady rise? ms. watson: to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection the gentlelady is recognizeder for five minutes.

Diane E. Watson

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Speech By: Diane E. Watson

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: ms. watson: mr. speaker, i r today to commend the energy and commerce, ways and means, and education and labor committees for working diligently on america's affordable health choices act. this bill is a historic first step to moving towards providing affordable health care options for all americans.

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: comprehensive health care coverage will cost taxpayers initially. the current c.b.o. estimate projects a government investment of $1 trillion over the next 10 years, but we must not forget that this investment in the health of of americans is not about the cost but about the

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: savings for american families. streamlining administrative costs may save medicare $500 billion according to c.b.o. estimates. providing the public plan with ability to negotiate for medicare rates will increase those savings. advocates for laisez faire

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: economics have continually noted, competion drive down cost and spurs innovation. with the public plan, we are finally giving the government a tool to reduce the cost of health care for americans. for years insurance companies have monopolized the market and driven up costs for consumers.

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: in many communities the only available health option can impose astounding rates that consumers are forced to pay. the public plan will introduce fair price competion, forcing private insurers to keep a pace with efficiency and innovation. with the public plan, we offer

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: americans personal patient choice and the freedom to stay healthy. the americans affordable health choices act provides 97% of americans with health care options. however border states such as my own, california, will continue to experience many of the same

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: problems in their busy hospitals. the state of california is home to 22% of the nation's undocumented immigrants. it is true that many of these immigrants will continue to travel to mexico for care. but will also continue to enclosing emergency rooms resulting -- clog emergency

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: rooms resulting in exuberant costs due to emergency care. we cannot run down cost in states like california without addressing this issue. we must provide hospitals with a mechanism for recovering these costs. in addition to the public plan, the house's affordable health

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: choices act iroduces improvement to both medicare and medicaid. individuals and families with incomes at or below 133% of the federal poverty level will be eligible for an expanded and improved medicare. this will ensure more children remain healthy. improving rebates to seniors

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: will help close the medicare part d doughnut hole and ensure that they do not have to decide between purchasing food or their medications. this bill has taken many steps to improve medicare and the care we provide to seniors. however we must remember that improving care for seniors is

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: not the same as long-term care. if california does not fix its budget crisis by august, residents will lose many medicare and medicaid benefits such as home care for seniors and the disabled. the house health care bill does not address this problem. providing the option for home care is another way in which to

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: reduce cost and allow seniors to keep their freedom and is something we should strongly consider. again, america's affordable health choices act is certainly an impressive first step. we must be careful not to weaken a national public plan and equally encourage our senate

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: colleagues to support a robust national public plan. though local co-ops are state level systems may seem to offer savings and freedoms for the american people, they raise a host of problems. duplicating public plans in various locales raise administrative cost.

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: it creates too many levels of bureaucracy that are not simply -- that are simply not necessary. therefore i support the house version of americans affordable health choices act. i trulyope this is the historic first step on the road to making health care f all

Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: americans possible. mr. speaker, i look forward to working with my colleagues on this issue and i yield

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