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House Proceeding 07-16-09 on Jul 16th, 2009 :: 1:12:55 to 1:16:55
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Keith Ellison

1:12:53 to 1:13:13( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: having -- everyone having health care. that demand will drive down expenses in and of itself. so i would thank the gentleman. >> if the gentleman yields back. mr. ellison: i'll do a quick update for the folks that just tuned in. we're talking about progressive health care reform and it must include guaranteed eligibility

Keith Ellison

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Speech By: Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison

1:13:14 to 1:13:34( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: which means for american will be turned away from an insurance plan because of an illness or preexisting condition. the bill also includes confidence of benefits. this is what we need to have and what the bill offers. affordable premiums, co-pays and deductibles. participants will be charged fair premiums and subsidies of families who do not qualify for

Keith Ellison

1:13:35 to 1:13:55( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: mediid or s-chip but still need assistance. what this bill calls for- again, i think it's important and i hope my colleagues agree, to make it simple, people can get a grip on it. health care for all, under the proposed bill, what would happen is under these three bubbles, if you have the employee based health care insurance now, you'll be able

Keith Ellison

1:13:56 to 1:14:16( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: to keep that, but you'll have certain things that should control costs, including no more discrimination for preexisting conditions, no discrimination for gender, and no p discrimination for issues like that. also, medical loss ratio, 85%,

Keith Ellison

1:14:17 to 1:14:37( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: so at least 85% of the premiums must go to patient care. people who have ublic programs now, such as s-chip or medicare or medicaid can keep their program if they qualify and there won't be much that they have to worry about, it will be pretty much how it is now. but then there will be this

Keith Ellison

1:14:38 to 1:14:58( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: exchange, which is new. and who will qualify for the exchange, people who are the uninsured, individuals and small businesses and they will be subsidized for up to 400% of the poverty level. within this exchange will be a public plan and will be private plans which have stndardized

Keith Ellison

1:14:59 to 1:15:20( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: benefits which they will have to compete for and drive down costs. the fact is it's not complicated, it's not that difficult. of course the bill has a lot of pages because there's a lot of things to consider. but the facts this is not a difficult thing and we're going to be working to make sure people understand it.

Keith Ellison

1:15:21 to 1:15:41( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: i'd also like to mention that change is necessary. change is necessary. the fact is only 1.2% of american households will have to pay the proposed surcharge for health care reform. that leaves about 98% of american households who will not pay any surcharge. and you know, people who are blessed to be at that top --

Keith Ellison

1:15:42 to 1:16:02( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: tip top part of the income scale, i really believe as good americans who care about their fellow country men and women that they would not mind helping to cover the cost of health care. i think it's an act of patriotism and act of good government and social responsibility that says if we, the top 1.2% have been able to

Keith Ellison

1:16:03 to 1:16:23( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: benefit from the massive tax cuts that have benefited this group of people over the last numbers of years, that now that the country needs health care insurance, now that it's not given up a substantial part of their income, that t be able to contribute to this. i think it's important to talk about the fact that under this bill, a family making up to

Keith Ellison

1:16:24 to 1:16:45( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: large amount of money in adjusted gross income, will not owe any surcharge at all. and a family making $500,000 a year in adjusted gross income wi contribute about $1,500 to help reduce costs and provide access to affordable health care for all. the fact is that it's important to try to keep on talking about

Keith Ellison

1:16:46 to 1:16:56( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: what the b people can understand. we've been very fortunate to be joined by jon hall, congressman from new york, who is out front

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