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House Proceeding on Jul 17th, 2008 :: 4:02:52 to 4:05:05
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Nick J. Rahall

4:02:42 to 4:02:52( Edit History Discussion )

Nick J. Rahall: whole mess. >> would the gentleman yield? you mr. rahall: i yield two minutes to the gentlelady from california, mrs. capps. the speaker pro temporspe: the gentlelady is recognized for two minutes.

Lois Capps

4:02:52 to 4:03:01( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: mrs. capps: thank you, chairman rahall, for his excellent leadership of this drill act which i strongly support. the oil companies would have us believe they have nowhere to drill. that's plain

Lois Capps

4:02:52 to 4:05:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Lois Capps

Lois Capps

4:03:01 to 4:03:10( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: wrong. according to the bush administration, 80% of our oil and gas resources are available for drilling. the industry is sitting on 68 million acres of public lands where it could be

Lois Capps

4:03:10 to 4:03:21( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: drilling but isn't. and with this bill today we are speeding up the effort to drill in the alaska national petroleum reserve. we don't need to open up more areas for drilling when industry

Lois Capps

4:03:21 to 4:03:32( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: is dragging its feet on producing where it already could. this recent push by president bush to open up the rest of our coast to offshore drilling is a political stunt. it's not about lowering

Lois Capps

4:03:32 to 4:03:46( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: gas prices today or even in the near future. it's just a cynical attempt to change the subject from in this administration's abject failure on energy. the great oil men rode into the white house

Lois Capps

4:03:46 to 4:03:58( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: boast being their new energy policy, their great plan now 95% implemented, has now resulted in $4 a gallon of gas. $500 billion in oil company profits and an economy in crisis. i can't yield

Lois Capps

4:03:58 to 4:04:10( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: now, thank you. those of white house oppose bush-cheney energy plan did so because we knew this was the likely result. mr. speaker, democrats have a better idea. one that meets today's crisis

Lois Capps

4:04:10 to 4:04:19( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: and transitions us to a new energy future. we believe the president should release a small amount of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. it works. it would likely bring prices down more in

Lois Capps

4:04:19 to 4:04:30( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: 10 days than the drilling plan would in four years. oil companies should drill in the vast riches of this country where they are now permitted and the bush administration should open up drilling

Lois Capps

4:04:30 to 4:04:42( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: in the alaska national petroleum reserve, build the pipelines and sell that oil and gas to americans. finally, we must seriously ramp up our transition to alternative and renewable energy sources.

Lois Capps

4:04:42 to 4:04:56( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: if in 10 years oil and gas are still the focus of our energy debates, we surely will have failed. that would mean following the path that george w. bush and dick cheney have charted and

Lois Capps

4:04:56 to 4:05:05( Edit History Discussion )

Lois Capps: we know where that leads us. wed into to change direction. i urge my colleagues to support this bill. mr. pearce: thank you, mr. chairman. i appreciate the chairman of the committee for

Stevan Pearce

4:05:05 to 4:05:14( Edit History Discussion )

Stevan Pearce: pointing out that the 2005 was supposed to speed up the delays and we did. you would remember, sir, that it was in our committee that we established the five categorical exclusions. those are

Stevan Pearce

4:05:05 to 4:06:57( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Stevan Pearce

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