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Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: brought up some issues where you've got gone to meddling. now i'd like to recognize my colleague from oregon, mr. walden. mr. walden: i thank -- the speaker pro tempore: for how much time? ms. foxx: two minutes. mr. walden: i thank the gentlelady for recognizing -- recognizing me -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. walden: may i go now, madam

Greg Walden

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Speech By: Greg Walden

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: speaker? thank you. the speaker pro tempore: you're recognized. mr. walden: i thank the speaker. i thank the gentlelady from north carolina. i represent a district that's 70,000 square miles. over half of it islready under federal ownership and control. i won't necessarily say good management, because it's also home to lots of issues involving poor forest management,

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: catastrophic fires, lots of degradation of the habitat, lack of management over the years. one of the things that troubles me about this legislation is that we're going to spend $700 million overall potentially, i've heard figures as high as that, to apparently buy 19

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: million acres of land, perhaps. and if it is indeed those levels, all that land when the government buys it comes off the tax rolls. i've got communities with 20% unemployment where the government owns 70% of the counties. they've shut down activity on th government's trying to shut down activity out on the range land

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: and destroy things like cattle ranching and some of their great economic ways of the west. this leglation comes along and apparently is going to have us borrow another $700 million, madam speaker, from somebody, problem the -- probably the chinese or whatever government decides they want to buy more of our debt, $700 million, almost

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: $1 billion, so we can go acquire more land as a government, take it off the tax rolls to deal with this issue. i just find it really disturbing. you're going to put a lot of ople out of work in the rural west. this is not well thought out legislation. but speaking to the rule, we

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: seem in this congress under speaker pelosi and the democrat leadership to have gone into not just tax and spend but gag and spend. i'll be asking soon to bring up a privileged resolution i brought to this floor yesterday to allow us the opportunity to offer up amendments. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired.

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: ms. foxx: 30 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for 30 seconds. mr. walden: to be able to -- thank you, madam speaker, to be able to offer up amendments on appropriation bills like historically members of this house were always able to do until just recently when we've seen a historic and unprecedented gagging of members of the republican party by members of the democratic party,

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: when we've tried to offer up alternatives, positive alternatives, suggestions, ways to protect freedom of speech and freedom of religion and to cut back on this outrageous deficit spending and i guess those must be tough votes for the majority and they don't want to take them because they won't even allow our amendments to be debated on this house floor and considered.

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: and so i'm sorry we've gotten into the gag and spend rules making process around here. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. mcgovern: i find it ironic that my friends on the other side of the aisle want to talk about fiscal responsibility and they're worried about the deficits and the debt. where were they for eight years when george bush took this economy and drove it straight

Greg Walden

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Greg Walden: into a ditch?

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