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House Proceeding 07-20-09 on Jul 20th, 2009 :: 1:39:15 to 1:44:25
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Steve Scalise

1:38:56 to 1:39:16( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from connecticut. mr. courtney: thank you, mr. speaker. we have no further speakers. does the gentleman from pennsylvania have any further speakers? the speaker pro tempor gentleman from pennsylvania. mr. thompson: mr. speaker, i yield four minutes to the gentleman from louisiana, mr.

Steve Scalise

1:39:15 to 1:44:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise

1:39:17 to 1:39:39( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: scalise. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. scalise: i want to thank my friend from pennsylvania for elding me time, mr. speaker. as we're talking about the bureau of labor statistics, it's an interesting period in our country's history because st in the last few months since president obama's taken office, our country has lost

Steve Scalise

1:39:40 to 1:40:00( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: two million more jobs, two million more americans are out of work, are part of those statistics. and i think it's much more than statistics. it's policies by this administration that have caused those two million americans to lose their jobs since january. and if you go back to the stimulus bill, that was the bill that was touted at

Steve Scalise

1:40:01 to 1:40:22( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: stopping the bleeding. all of us on this side that opposed that bill, that opposed spending $800 billion of money that we don't have said back then that that bill would actually make matters worse because it was adding mountains of debt to our children and grandchildren, but also it wasn't addressing the problems in our economy. and in fact, now we're seeing

Steve Scalise

1:40:23 to 1:40:44( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: unemployment at 9.5%, approaching 10% with two million more americans having lost their jobs since president obama took office. and what's this administration saying? are they finally admitting that the stimulus was a failure? no. in fact, some in the white housare calling for another stimulus bill, more spending. in fact, just last week at a

Steve Scalise

1:40:45 to 1:41:05( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: convention of the aarp, vice president joe biden said, and i quote, we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt. president actually said just last week. and so as this mountain of debt is piling up on the backs of our children and grandchildren, as the president is running car companies and running banks and

Steve Scalise

1:41:06 to 1:41:27( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: running all of these other institutions with over 30 zars and it's not working, -- czars and it's not working, their own vice president said we need to spend money to keep from going bankrupt. these are ludicrous policies. we have to go back to common sense. we have to go back to fiscal discipline and start balancing our budget like every other state is dealing with their

Steve Scalise

1:41:28 to 1:41:49( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: budgets, like american families are dealing with these tough economic times as they're pulling back and living with their own means -- within their own means. it's the federal government here in washington that seems to be out of control on a spending frenzy. and then just a few weeks ago they brought this cap and trade national energy tax where they're literally proposing a policy that would run million more american jobs out of this

Steve Scalise

1:41:50 to 1:42:10( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: country to places like china and india where they'll actually emit more carbon than we do here in america doing the same thing while raising utility bills on every single american. the cap and tax bill will add $1,200 every year to every american utility bills. so as they think about turning

Steve Scalise

1:42:11 to 1:42:31( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: on their air conditioning in the summer they have to think about whether they have to pay these higher electricity rates. thespolicies are leading to these rapid unemployment that is approaching the double digits. we have a debate over the president and speaker pelosi and others' proposal to have a government takeover of our

Steve Scalise

1:42:32 to 1:42:54( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: health care system where the estimates are that we would have millions of dollars, hundreds of billions of dollars, i'm sorry, in new taxes. over -- about $580 in new taxes on the backs of small businesses. you would have $240 billion in fines in their approach on the backs of american families, including, get this, this is according to the congressional

Steve Scalise

1:42:55 to 1:43:15( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: budget office, in the president's takeover, proposal to take over a health care system by the government, they have $29 billion in penalties against people who are uninsured. it's in the bill. they have the ability for this health care czar, a health care czar that would literally be able to tell americans whether or not they can see a doctor and which doctor they can see. it actually gives the authority

Steve Scalise

1:43:16 to 1:43:37( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: to this bureaucrat in washington to disqualify a company's entire health benefits plan. so if you like the health care you in their bill allows the health care czar to take care of your health care benefits away. if i can -- mr. thompson: i yield the gentleman another 60 seconds. mr. scalise: i thank the gentleman from pennsylvania

Steve Scalise

1:43:38 to 1:43:58( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: again. if you look at these policies and the american people out there across the country are loing at these policies, and that's a good thing because as they look at these policies and they hear the leadership here in washingto running congress saying they need to run these policies -- they niece to run these policies through in the next

Steve Scalise

1:43:59 to 1:44:19( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: two weeks, they're saying, many of those that voted for the cap and tax didn't read the bill because they dropped 300 pages of amendments down on the day of the vote. people are sick and tired of it. people are saying enough is control spending and these czars, stop running car companies, stop running banks,

Steve Scalise

1:44:20 to 1:44:26( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: and surely don't try to have some govnment bureaucrat take over our health care system. and so hopefully we won't add

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