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Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: should be heard. the geleman from california. mr. nunes: thank you, mr. speaker. pursuant to clause 2a1 of rule 9, i gave notice of my intent to raise a question of privilege os they have house. the form of the resolution is as follows. whereas onay 25, 2007, u.s. district court judge oliver

Devin Nunes

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Speech By: Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: wanger issued a rules that directed the bureau of reclamation to remove water to protect a three-inch minnow. whereas in 2008, the u.s. official and wildlife service, based on that ruling, issued an

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: opinion on the delta, which is traditionally delivered to cities in the san waugh key valley. whereas according to a university of california, davis study, revenue losses in the san joaquin valley for 2009 will be $2.2 billion and job losses at 80,000. whereas according to the bureau

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: of u.s. labor statistic the unemployment rate in the san joaquin valley has reached the highest level in the nation. whereasnemployment is nearly 20% in the san joaquin valley and some cities have an unemployment rate of 40%. whereas thousands of people who once relied on employment in the agricultural sector are now

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: unemployed and are struggling to meet their most basic needs, including providing for their families. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will suspend. may we request that conversations with taken off the floor.

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: the gentleman will proceed. mr. nunes: whereas on march 1, 2009, the "sacramento bee" reported thousands of people have been turned away from lo are not necessary to meet needs. whereas the fresno board of supervisors said the man-made

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: drought created a crisis. whereas in 2009, the national marine fisheries service issued a new opinion on the spring run chinook salmon and southern resident killer whales which further reduces water supplies in california. whereas on june 19, 2009,

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: governor arnold schwaenegger declared a state of emergency for fresno county, california and petitioned president barack obama to declare the county ofederal disaster area, whereas the sect re-- secretary of the interior, ken salazar, visitted fresno and held a town hall meeting in which hundreds of

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: people expressed distress at the lack of action by the obama administration. whereas in march of 2009, -- whereas the "l.a. times" said during the meeting with ken salazar, they pledged to provide aid to starving families, a family member

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: replied, we don't want welfare we want water. whereas cbs-5 eyewitness new reported that hundreds of farmers protested outside the buildings in san francisco that house speaker pelosi's san francisco office.

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: whereas cbs-5 plamed speaker pelosi and representative george miller for the water shortage in the san joaquin valley. whereas cbs-5 reported protesters were holding sign this is a red, congress created drought, unquote, and quote,

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: new endangered species, the california farmer, unquote. whereas the "sacramento bee" reported that thousands of people in fresno california marched to demand an end to the man-made drought. whereas the democratic leadership held open the vote on house resolution 366 to

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: change the vote, whereas leads were seen on the floor to pressure people to change their vote from aye to nee to defeat the nunes amendment. whereas a debate was held on the calvert amendment would

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: deliver water to california. david ob said, quote, recognize there are certain earmarks, -- certain problems, your earmarks won't become law. whereas chairman obey violated a rule of the house in linking passage to earmark. whereas on july 19, 2009, the

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: rule committees blocked an commement to the energy and water development appropriations act that would have restored water deliveries to californians. whereas for two years the house of representatives has known about the manmade drought in california without taking legislative action to resolve the crisis. whereas the lack of action by the house of representatives demonstrated that fish are more

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: important that families. whereas article 1, section 8 of the united states constitution enumerates that the congress shall have the power to provide for the general welfare of the united states. whereas the house of representatives has willfully and knowingly failed to provide for the general welfare of the san joaquin valley of the california, whereas it has

Devin Nunes

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Devin Nunes: subjected to the house to public ridicule and damaged the dignity and integrity of the house of representatives. now therefore be it resolved that the committee on natural

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