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John R. Carter

3:48:12 to 3:48:34( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: you don't do it, but that normally the way the democrats do it. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman's time has expired. under the speaker's announced policy of january 6, 2009, the chair recognizeshe gentleman from texas, mr. carter, for half the remaining time until midnight. mr. carter: thank you, thank you, mr. speaker.

John R. Carter

3:48:15 to 3:54:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John R. Carter

John R. Carter

3:48:35 to 3:48:57( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: and i thank my friend, virginia foxx, for getting up here and kind of giving us some indication what have we mean by pay gd. that's a very confusing word. been hearing a a lot and i haven't seen anything pay or go since they've been talking about it. but we seem to be pretty good at spending money around here and we don seem to be very good at

John R. Carter

3:48:58 to 3:49:19( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: paying for it. just a thought here, we had a stimulus package that was over $1 trillion and i believe that was borrowed money. we have a budget that was increased our taxes by $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years, so that's money they're coming after to pay for it but i don't

John R. Carter

3:49:20 to 3:49:40( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: think that pays for that $1 trillion. their appropriations request increase all the nondefense spending by 12% this year. and the number of months that jobs have grown under the started this year is a whopping

John R. Carter

3:49:41 to 3:50:01( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: zero. so they were talking about why were we asking today on the floor of the house where are the jobs? then i heard very -- you know, i get really excited about green jobs and green energy and the things people talk about and i heard our colleagues in the previous conversation here, one of tm said that, you know, he

John R. Carter

3:50:02 to 3:50:23( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: showed us a map of the united states and he said this would create 250,000 new green jobs. i think that's fabulous. it's just unfortunate in the last month and a half we've lost 1.2 million jobs the united states. sothey got to have a

John R. Carter

3:50:24 to 3:50:45( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: comparison. the conversation that was going on in the previous hour was about energy independence and i'm for energy independence. and any american that's got any sense at all is for energy independence. i once asked a man how big a ray of solar panels would it take to

John R. Carter

3:50:46 to 3:51:07( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: power austin, texas, this man was a physicist at the university of texas, to power austin texas for a period of time and what would that period of time be? he said, a property size panel in a nonair conditioned time, and you know in texas it's hot,

John R. Carter

3:51:08 to 3:51:28( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: so air conditioning is our biggest problem, not heelt, in a nonair conditioned time, a properly sized panel could power austin, texas, for about an 18-hour period of time before the sun went down. and the power went away. and then you'd have to have alternative power to power it

John R. Carter

3:51:29 to 3:51:50( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: during the night. or storage capacity, which our friends were talking about. so i said, well, that doesn't sound too bad. how big would that panel be? he said, approximately the siz of the panhandle of xas.

John R. Carter

3:51:51 to 3:52:11( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: which is about 280, maybe 300 miles long and about 150 miles wide. i'm not saying solar's not a solution, but are you going to replace the coal-produced power in pennsylvania with a solar

John R. Carter

3:52:12 to 3:52:33( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: panel in today's world and do it economically? no. but it will help. and we can help on an individual basis and we can power businesses with it. let's be realistic about energy and let's go after every form of energy and clean up that energy. that's the solion to our problems. that's a real energy plan.

John R. Carter

3:52:34 to 3:52:54( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: you know, we in texas have been having an abundance of natural gas for a long time. we're real proud of our natural gas. we think it's good stuff, burns clean and we like it. and a lot of our folks up here on the east coast, they didn't like our natural gas. until they found some. and all of a sudden, guess what?

John R. Carter

3:52:55 to 3:53:16( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: they found some gas shale, a lot of gas shale, in the state of pennsylvania, and i'm hearing an awful lot of colleagues that a year and a half ago were bad mouthing natural gas, saying, hey, natural gas sounds good. i'm with boone pickens. let's power our automobiles with natural gas, let's produce natural gas, and rightfully so. they should be proud of their resources.

John R. Carter

3:53:17 to 3:53:38( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: i'm not knocking their resources, i'm proud they've got it. . i predict there's shale from pennsylvania all the way down to texas. i think the geologists will prove t and there's a lot of natural gas in that shale and we ought to use i that's how we free ourselves from foreign oil.

John R. Carter

3:53:39 to 3:54:01( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: we free ourselves by drilling offshore. in a clean drilling procedure which we have and we haven spilled a drop of oil in a drilling procedure in 15 years. in the seas. and all of our spills you read about are shipping spills not drilling spills.

John R. Carter

3:54:02 to 3:54:11( Edit History Discussion )

John R. Carter: energy where it is and let's create our alternative energy, wind, and solar. and let's not forget nuclear.

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