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House Proceeding on Jul 22nd, 2009 :: 1:00:15 to 1:05:50
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Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: yield three minutes to our hardworking colleague from jefferson, louisiana, mr. scalise. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from louisiana is recognized for three minutes. mr. scalise: thank you, mr. speaker. and i want to thank the gentleman from california for yielding time and for the comments that he made earlier against the bill and the rule. and i rise as well in

Steve Scalise

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Speech By: Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise

1:00:34 to 1:00:54( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: opposition to the bill because this bill, this pay-go bill as it's dubbed does nothing to control spending. i strongly believe we need to get our fiscal house in order. i think if you look at the actions of this administration, since president obama became president in january and speaker pelosi continued her

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: reign, which she's been in office for 2 1/2 years now as the speaker, harry reid over in the senate as well, you've seen spending get out of control here in this congress. and it's done so under pay-go. the pay-go rule that they're trying to put into law has gotten us to a point today where we're facing a $1.8

Steve Scalise

1:01:18 to 1:01:41( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: trillion, with a t, deficit. just last week the federal deficit this year exceeded $1 trillion. this is numbers that have never been seen before in the history of our country. and it all happened under this rule that we're hearing all these fourth of july speeches about how great pay-go is and how pay-go's going to require fiscal responsibility. we have pay-go today, and it's

Steve Scalise

1:01:42 to 1:02:02( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: given us a $1.8 trillion deficit this year. and so what i proposed in the rules committee last night was an actual ability to require some strict discipline on pay-go by taking out the exemptions, the loopholes. now, you ask yourself, if we

Steve Scalise

1:02:03 to 1:02:23( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: have pay-go and the people on the other side are talking about and saying how wonderful it's going to be, if it's so good, how could it heeded us a $1.8 trillion deficit? that's because pay-go is a hoax. pay-go is waived every time they want to spend money that we don't have. and so they simply waive it. in fact, in the stimulus bill earlier in year, the largest spending bill in the history of

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: our country, $787 billion of money that we don't have, it was ram through congress. not one person who voted for it had an opportunity to read it, but the president said it had to be done quickly because it's going to create millions of jobs. well, we've seen now it's a failure. where are the jobs? two million more americans have lost their jobs since the

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: stimulus bill passed, and the bill passed without the funding in place, without any kind of offsets, no cuts at all. in fact, $787 billion of new spending under the pay-go rule. and so you would ask yourself if pay-go's so good, how could a $787 billion unfunded bill pass under that rule? well, that's because they

Steve Scalise

1:03:06 to 1:03:26( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: simply waived the rule. it's right here in the rule that they passed othe stimulus bill, many of the people that are co-authors of this bill were happy to vote to waive it. and they were able to waive it with a simple majority vote, and this bill that they're talking about today has the same language that still allows pay-go to be waived anytime

Steve Scalise

1:03:27 to 1:03:47( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: they feel like looking the other way. and you would say, oh, they wouldn't do that. well, sorry to tell you, in the last congress 12 times, 12 times they waived pay-go. and in fact -- mr. dreier: mr. speaker, i yield the gentleman two minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for an additional two minutes.

Steve Scalise

1:03:48 to 1:04:08( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: mr. scalise: i thank the gentleman. so 12 times in the last congress alone they waived pay-go by a simple majority vote. i had an amendment last night in the rules committee to require a 3/5 vote to say, if you really want to install fiscal discipline, then put a high bar so you can't waive it any time you want to spend money that you don't have.

Steve Scalise

1:04:09 to 1:04:29( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: well, not one supported it. i tried to require that we balance our federal budget. many states have a fiscal discipline that's placed in their constitutions. unfortunately, we don't have anything like that here in washington, and the results are this congress is spending at unprecedented levels that's le to these debts.

Steve Scalise

1:04:30 to 1:04:50( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: and one other hidden secret about pay-go, it is allowed to cut spending. some people around here don't know what cutting spending means. they just keep growing but when pay-go has been used 34 times in the last congress it was used not to cut spending but to raise taxes. so once again not only is pay-go a hoax, it doesn't stop spending from being out of

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: control at all because it's been waived every time they spent money. but 34 times in the last few years pay-go has been used to raise taxes on american families. if you wonder why your tax burden keeps going up and up and up and you have pay-go that sounds good and you hear these fourth of july speeches on the other side about fiscal

Steve Scalise

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Steve Scalise: discipline, well, fiscal discipline to them means raising taxes on american families or just waiving it when you feel like spending money you don't have. the american people deserve better. they deserve honesty and transparency in their government, not some bill that purports to be about fiscal discipline and yet can be waived anytime they want to just look the other way and

Steve Scalise

1:05:33 to 1:05:50( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: judging by history they've waived it every time they wanted to spend money that this country doesn't have. you know, we can hear about george bush all day and about republicans. for the last democrats have been running congress. nancy pelosi's been the speaker. harry reid's been the senate president, and barack obama

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