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Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: the right direction. it was proven to work in the 1990's and needs to be now. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker p tempore: the gentleman reserves. mr. ryan: mr. speaker, at this time, i yield four minutes to myself. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for

Paul Ryan

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Speech By: Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: four minutes. mr. ryan: i wish the budget committee had an opportunity to mark up this bill. however, the decision was made to bypass the budget committee and go strght to the floor this bill is not a simple extension of current law. it bypasses the deliberate and transparent process and we're rushing legislation to the floor. it's an ongoing trend of a disturbing trend which is write legislation in the leadership

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: offices, rush it to the floor, ram it through congress without legislators legislating. we have one of the most talented chairmen of the budget committee who knows more than anybody else how these laws work, mr. spratt, it should have gone through his committee. unfortunately, written in leadership, rushed to the

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: floor, out it goes. that's a disturbing trend with how this congress is working. let me talk about the need for fiscal restraint and fiscal discipline. we concur, we agree, we have to do things to get our fiscal house in order. we need to equip congress with more and better tools to get this budget under control. unfortunately, this isn't the

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: cool. this tool does not work. let's look at pay-go's track record thus far. since pay-go was instituted as a rule here the budget deficit under the last republican budget was $161 billion. the budget today, the deficit is at $1.8 ten-fold increase.

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: let me show you how much spending last year in increases were subject to pay-go for this year's spenting. 2%. 2% of sp out the door this year was stouget pay-go.

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: that's $876 billion new spending not stouget pay-go. since the majority gave us this new pay-go rule, look at what happened to deficits. deficits as far as the eye can see,ever going below $600 billion. in 10 years above a trillion dollars. pay-go does absolutely nothing to arrest that development to address that.

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: more to the point, mr. speaker, pay-go exempts already 4 the budget. 40%. all the money the federal government spends on government agencies. all that discretionary spending isn't touched by pay-go. more to the point, mr. speaker, is that all those unfunded liabilities we have, according to the general accountability

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: office, $62 trillion of unfunded liabilities are alrey out there, due, promises made to taxpayers that the government right now count have funded, to medicare, medicaid, social security, a mountain of debt is before us and what does pay-go do to address it? absolutely nothing. pay-go does nothing whatsoever

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: to address the runaway entitlement problems we have today. it simply says if we're going to build new programs, new nondiscretionary, mandatory entitlement programs, then and only then shall we pay for it. we kno something like this. without spending caps, without reform to go after existing

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: spending programs, this simply results in raising taxes. so we believe that this is more or less a machine to raise taxes to pay for new and more costly government programs. it does nothing to attack the fact that we have trillions upon trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities right now. it does nothing to attack the fact that just this year alone,

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: discretionary spending is going up 8%, 11% for discretionary spending, it ignores those things. it's like buying a fire extinguisher after your house has burned down. congress is going to commit all these fiscal crimes, only to put pay-go in place after they've been committed.

Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan: so mr. speaker, this bill, as well-intended as it may be, is not the solution. there are better ideas.

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