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Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: gentleman yields back. the gentleman from south carolina. mr. spratt: i yield three minutes to the gentleman from florida, mr. boyd. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three m mr. boyd: ladies and gentlemen, i rise today in favor of the legislation before the house. the pay-go bill is a piece of legislation of which i've been an advocate for years. it brings me great satisfaction

Allen Boyd

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Speech By: Allen Boyd

Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: to see this bill with such broad support here in the house of representatives. i'm always intrigued, mr. speaker, by the language used here and the words and the rhetoric and i heard the word used earlier by the gentlelady from wyoming that some were disingenuous. mr. speaker, i don't believe that my friend mr. ryan is disingenuous.

Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: i think he's a great american and i think he believes that he opposes this legislation because it would create an automatic pay-for for tax cuts and he just thinks that is wrong. and i don't understand how we

Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: can consider paying for the great military we have, the medicare programs, all of the issues that made this country a great place. i assume that they believe we can go overseas money from the chinese like we have for the last six or eight years, but mr. speaker, sooner

Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: or later we'll be buried under that mountain of debt and when r creditors figure out we can't pay it back, the house of cards will crumble. my blue dog colleaes and i for years have introduced pay-go legislation requiring the government to pay for new programs it creates. throughout the bush administration it was difficult to get an audien.

Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: thankfully, the first bill the obama administration sent to congress was the pay-go bill. further, the speaker of the house, speaker pelosi and majority leader hoyer have taken up the cause whole heartedly. i want to thank the budget chairman john spratt for his leadership who worked with me in the creation of the fiscal 2010 budget that conditioned

Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: the enactment of major policy this is year on action of pay-go in the house. these leaders are responding to the deficit situation we find ourselves in after years of reckless spending policies, after the original bipartisan pay-go was allowed to expire in 2002. as you may have heard today, pay-go was a tool used in the 1990's to help bring this country to record surpluses,

Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: mr. speaker. given our current budgetary outlook with the debt growing faster than our economy we know we must act. the president and our democratic colleagues understand we cannot continue business as usual the last eight years in washington on a number of levels, including our budget. the enactment of this legislation is necessary to ensure our national security,

Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: our quality of life and slow the drain on our economy. the world is watching to see if we are serious about turning this country's fiscal sinking ship around. . the 1990's was a bipartisan act.

Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: pay-go should not be a partisan issue. fiscal responsibility should not be a partisan issue. we have an interest in making sure that our fiscal policies ar mr. spratt: i give the gentleman an additional 30 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. boyd: we can't live on credit forever. this bill is the first step we

Allen Boyd

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Allen Boyd: need to restore fiscal sanity to washington. every one here wants to lead the prosperous country with a better standard of living. i urge my republican colleagues many who stood up and supported pay-go in the past, to support this responsible legislation today. i furthermore challenge the senate to share equally in our

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