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House Proceeding 07-22-09 on Jul 22nd, 2009 :: 2:14:45 to 2:19:10
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Paul Ryan

2:14:42 to 2:15:03( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: offered by mr. ryan. at this point, mr. speaker, i yield the balance of our time to the distinguished majority -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from wisconsin. mr. ryan: the gentleman should reserve the balance of his time because he has the right to close. mr. spratt: i reserve the balance of my time, mr. speaker.

Paul Ryan

2:14:45 to 2:19:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

2:15:04 to 2:15:25( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from south carolina reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from wisconsin. mr. ryan: mr. speaker, how much time do i have remaining? mr. ryan: four -- the speaker pro tempore: four minutes. mr. ryan: i yield myself the remainder. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. ryan: our substitute says we should rewrite the budget resolution.

Paul Ryan

2:15:26 to 2:15:49( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: yes. what does the incumbent budget resotion that the majority passed do? it doubles the national debt held by the american public by five years. it raises taxes by $1.5 trilli it chases ever higher spending with those ever higher taxes and those taxes never catches up with the spending increases and thus an unprecedented level of debt increases.

Paul Ryan

2:15:50 to 2:16:10( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: so, yes, we think we should do something else and go another path. what are we proposing? we're proposing instead of a system in place that ignores discretionary spending, instead of ignoring entitlement spending, instead of putting a system in place that will inevitably lead to higher taxes, we want spending

Paul Ryan

2:16:11 to 2:16:31( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: discipline. we want to cap spending. and here's what our bill accomplishes that the majority bill does not. under our bill, the deficits go down. under under the majority's bill, the deficits go up. under our bill for future generations, we keep the size of our government in check so that we can give the next

Paul Ryan

2:16:32 to 2:16:53( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: generation a higher standard of living so that we don't send to them an unsustainable burden of debt and taxes. under the majority's bill, they don't do that. they increase debt, they increase taxes, they increase spending, they decrease the standard of living for the next generation. now, i nd it f and almost comical that the

Paul Ryan

2:16:54 to 2:17:15( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: gentleman from massachusetts just came through here and filed an appropriations bill. the appropriations bill increases this year, this year by 25.1%. so during this debate on pay-go, during this debate on fiscal responsibility, this fiscal facade press release

Paul Ryan

2:17:16 to 2:17:38( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: debate we are having right now, they just filed a bill to increase discretionary spending on o by 25%. pay-go has nothing to do with that. so we can bring a bill here to increase spending on these few government agencies in this bill by 25% and this pay-go has

Paul Ryan

2:17:39 to 2:18:01( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: nothing to do with it. you know why, mr. speaker? because 40% of the budget including wh comes from is exempt from pay-go. we don't think that's the right way to go. and i have heard all these talks successful they were, and yes, there were periods of success. you know why? because we had spending caps.

Paul Ryan

2:18:02 to 2:18:23( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: we had discretionary caps in place that the blue dogs themselves have been advocating time and again which we agree with, which we will be advocating later in this debate that were part of the reason for that s success in 1997 was because republicans and democrats came together and put together a budget agreement, which led to

Paul Ryan

2:18:24 to 2:18:45( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: those surpluses. wouldn't it be nice to get back come together, not bypassing committees, rushing bills to the floor, cramming things through congress and actually came together for real fiscal discipline. the pay-go bill that the majority is offering is a fig leaf, not true, not real,

Paul Ryan

2:18:46 to 2:19:07( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: doesn't work, doesn't even affect discretionary spending, doesn't even deal with the unsustainable pathway of our current entitlement programs, which right now, give us a $62 trillion unfunded liability. we say let's tackle those problems. you need to have artificial budgetnforcement on congress. i would love to see that

Paul Ryan

2:19:08 to 2:19:10( Edit History Discussion )

Paul Ryan: congress, under our own discipline, would be able to control spending, but you know

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