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Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: flourish for people to live the lifestyles that they will grow and flourish individually and i thank the committee for bringing -- bringing this, allowi this to the floor and i thank congressman smith for allowing me this time and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman fromy illinois yields back the balance ohis time. the gentleman from new jersey reserves the balance of his time.

Christopher H. Smith

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Speech By: Christopher H. Smith

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: the gentlema mr. klein: reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from florida reserves his time and has the right to close. the gentleman from new jersey. mr. smith: i yield myself such time as i may consume. i rise in strong support of my friend and colleague's resolution celebrating the rich history of lithuania. i was recently back in lithuania just a couple of we

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: speaker, for the july meeting of the parliamentary assembly of the organization for security and cooperation in europe and saw once again the beautiful city of vilnius, a city with a historic history and -- but more important than the city and its physical attractiveness is the people themselves, the kindness, the generosity and a goodness and a goodness which is truly remarkable.

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: the lithuanians as we know were occupied, they were often called a captive nation, one of the baltic captive nations. in 1940 they were brought into the soviet union by force. a grave injustice that this congress has never recognized and thankfully now since 1990 they were the first of the so-called soviet republics to declare its independence. since securing their

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: independence from the soviet union the lithuanians have won the world's admiration by making lithuania a free country that truly respects fundamental human rights. the lithuanian government conducts democratic and fair elections, respects the rule of law and the lithuania economy is fr. mr. speaker, the united states owes lithuania a debt of

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: gratitude. while the united states did not free lithuania from soviet domination, they did that themselves, lithuania has recognized the common values it shares with the united states and has deployed its soldiers to do duty alongside ours in afghanistan, iraq, bossny' area, kosovo, as well as in georgia.

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: let me also point out that back in the early 1990's, i was part of a delegation led by steny hoyer, when the soviets looked like they were about to take over the parliament and rush it with the black berets, several of us traveled to vilnius to be there, to be in solidarity with the president who was under

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: siege and the belief was that if sufficient numbers of parliamentarians were there as witnesses, it might have a chilling affect on soviet ambitions and they might not storm that parliament. what we found in vilnius were people who were literally praying night and day, people outside the parliament, saying roseries, offering up prayers,

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: and hopefully acting as shields themselves to the soviet aggression. i'll never forget visiting a tv tower that had been attacked by the soviets. there were candles burning where people dropped as they were fired upon by soviet troops. but they were still there in defines, standing up to this

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: world power that was seeking to crush them. one of the incidents that i'll never forget, don ridder, one of our members of the house, who was then the ranking member of the osce or the csce, stepped across the line and there was a soviet tank there at the tv tower, which all of a sudden began turning toward him and seral of us who were there

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: said, don, you better step across. this is truly a volatile situation and nothing came of it. but, again, the lithuanians were there protesting against tyranny and the domination that was coming out of moscow, but did so with such class and such courage that it was truly iniring.

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: our delegation was matched by delegations from poland and other countries, recently emerging democracies, and they, too, were saying, we're not going to stand idly by and watch this great people conquered once again, conquered but never really conqued in their hearts and minds so i again want to thank mr. shimkus for bringing this to the floor of this

Christopher H. Smith

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Christopher H. Smith: congress, thank my friends on the other side of the aisle for posting it for debate in consideration. again, this says to the people of lithuania, you're a tremendous people, we recognize and admire your goodness and your courage because you certainly demonstrated it under fire and i yealed yield. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back.

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