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House Proceeding 07-22-09 on Jul 22nd, 2009 :: 1:21:55 to 1:26:45
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Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: as a result of our hard work. it's time our people have earned it. mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. mr. burton from indiana is recognized for five minutes.

Dan Burton

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Speech By: Dan Burton

Dan Burton

1:22:14 to 1:22:36( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: mr. burton: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes and to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. burton: there's been an awful lot of misinformation about the democrat health care proposal, mr. speaker. i'd like to take a couple minutes tonight to talk to my colleagues about what's really happeng and what will happen

Dan Burton

1:22:37 to 1:22:57( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: if this bill becomes law. according to the luen group there will be 114 million americans who could lose their current coverage under the bill, according to this organization. 4.7 million is the number of jobs that could be lost as a result of taxes on businesses that cannot afford to provide

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: health care insurance coverage according to model developed by the council of economic advisors. $818 billion in total new taxes on individuals who cannot afford health care coverage and employers who cannot afford to provide coverage that meet the federal bureaucrat standards.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: $1.2 trillion in new federal spending in the next 10 years and some believe it will be as much as $3 trillion. and then there's 33 entitlement programs the bill creates, expands, or extends in an increase from where we are right now. this is the organizational chart

Dan Burton

1:23:42 to 1:24:03( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: of the democrats are proposing. the white spots are new agencies that will be created or will be added to the plan. and it's going to be a real maze for americans to go through in order to get health care. it will result in my opinion, and most people's opinion, who studied th in rationing of health care and additional cost to the taxpayers of this country

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: to the tune of between $1 trillion and $3 trillion over a decade. i just want to quote some of the things that have been -- some of the things that have been said by our leaders over the past few days about this plan. yesterday, yesterday president obama when he was talking about this said that this bill will not add to the deficit.

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: he said, i will not sign a bill that adds to the deficit, period. that's a direct quote from the president yesterday. according to the congressional budget office the house bill, this bill, will add $239 billion to the deficit. soither the congressional budget office or the president is wrong. because it is going to add to

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: the deficit according to c.b.o. representative charlie rangel, one of my good friends here in the congress, was commenting on president obama and speaker pelosi by saying he thought they were moving too fast. he was overheard to say yesterday, or day before yesterday, no one wants to tell the speaker that she's moving too fast and they darn sure

Dan Burton

1:25:10 to 1:25:30( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: don't want to tell the president. he w on his way to a closed door meeting about this because there's an awful lot of concern about this bill even among democrats. speaker pelosi and her front page interview in "usa today" said, quote, many members think that there's more to be squeezed from the hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies, and

Dan Burton

1:25:31 to 1:25:52( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: the dogs. -- docs. squeeze them. i hope all of those institutions are listening. joe biden, the vice president, said, we are going to go bankrupt as a nation. he warned as an event in virginia last week. he continued, people, when i say that, they look at me and say, what are you talking about, joe? you're telling me we have to go

Dan Burton

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Dan Burton: spend money to keep from going bankrupt? he says, yes. we do have to spend more money to keep from going bankrupt. that's something that is new to me. i never heard you could spend your way out of bankruptcy. and the white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel, told "the new york times" that owe manna intends to use tonight's press conference, that's going to happen this evening, and he's going to say at the press

Dan Burton

1:26:15 to 1:26:37( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: conference it's going to be a six-month report card and he's going to at the time american people i'm going to talk about how we rescued the economy from the worst recession and that we are moving forward with our legislative agenda. . if they rescued us from the worst recession i would like t

Dan Burton

1:26:38 to 1:26:45( Edit History Discussion )

Dan Burton: explain to the american people we are reaching 10% unemployment when they said it wouldn't go

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