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House Proceeding on Jul 23rd, 2009 :: 1:13:15 to 1:19:05
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Tom Latham

1:13:11 to 1:13:31( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: critical for our country because it's important for our builds and repairs the physical infrastructure of our nation. i urge s rule and the bill and i yield back. gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from florida rise? mr. diaz-balart: madam speaker, it's aleasure to yield four minutes to my friend from iowa, mr. latham.

Tom Latham

1:13:15 to 1:19:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Latham

Tom Latham

1:13:32 to 1:13:54( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from iowa is recognized for four minutes. mr. latham: i thank the speaker. i thank the gentleman from florida for the time. madam speaker, rise in opposition to this rule because i do not want to lend my support to a politically cooked process that freezes the american people out of having their say through a constructive amendment process.

Tom Latham

1:13:55 to 1:14:15( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: i know the large number of the majority members do not want this process either. for the same reasons that i don't. . the majority may think they are freezing out the minority, but

Tom Latham

1:14:16 to 1:14:37( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: they are freezing out all of our constituents. these closed and structured rules are designed to avoid the tough votes and those familiar with the situation know that. on the surface, the rules may be promoted as a means of moving the process along in a timely fashion and there may be some tone of truth to that.

Tom Latham

1:14:38 to 1:14:58( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: however, the real issue is the difficult votes and that's sad, because that's what we get paid to do here. we don't get paid to duck ugh votes around here. i have to wonder sometimes if our predecessors from both parties are not looking down from the big chamber in e sky

Tom Latham

1:14:59 to 1:15:20( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: and wondering what in god's name are we doing to the process that they've left us. one thing we know we're doing is cheating the american people. the administration says that this bill is about making long-term infrastructure investments. if that is true, then our investors and our constituents

Tom Latham

1:15:21 to 1:15:42( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: should have a say-so on how the investments are made. right now, they have no such say and that's a shame. as an example, i had an amendment to move $3 billion in park money in a high-speed rail appropriation to use in the highway trust fund, where we desperately need those funds.

Tom Latham

1:15:43 to 1:16:04( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: the administration wants us to bail out the highway trust fund for those of youho don't know that. and i want to note, too, in the stimulus package there are 8 billion sitting there for high-speed rail, none of which will be spent this year. also, there was an agreement between the administration and

Tom Latham

1:16:05 to 1:16:25( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: congress saying that with that $8 blion, we wod appropriate $1 billion a year for the next five years. my amendment would have honored the administration's request in that agreement, leaving $1 billion in the high-speed rail account. my amendment was not made in order. that $3 billion could have been

Tom Latham

1:16:26 to 1:16:46( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: used as an investment in my state and all of your states in a much needed investment in the highway infrastructure that would actually create jobs now. for some, however, that would have been a tough vote, because even though that money won't be spent on high-speed rail for a couple of years at least, a vote

Tom Latham

1:16:47 to 1:17:07( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: to transfer it to the trust fund where it's needed today would be a vote to remove it from the rapid rail category now. a vote that would not have been politically fashionable for some in this chamber and that's the reason it's not in order. the net result is that an important investment amendment

Tom Latham

1:17:08 to 1:17:29( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: will now not be put to the investors. the taxpayers. instead, we will institutionally duck the vote and rob the investors of their say-so in this worth while investment. i want to say that this bill could have been a bipartisan bill. chairman olver and i worked

Tom Latham

1:17:30 to 1:17:50( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: together all through this process. we had hearings. we worked in a constructive way. and i think it is an outrage and an insult to that chairman olver that the rules committee -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for an additional minute.

Tom Latham

1:17:51 to 1:18:11( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: mr. latham: insult for the rules committee to say that you are qutioning his ability to handle issues involvedn this bill. this could have been a bipartisan process. this could have been something that everyone in this hous could support if, in fact, we had a process that rescted the

Tom Latham

1:18:12 to 1:18:33( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: chairman, his abilities, his competence and respected the interest s of all of our constituents. to close out people, our constituents, the people who own these investments, is simply wrong. and i ask everyone to please vote against this outrageous

Tom Latham

1:18:34 to 1:18:54( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: rule and respect the chairman, respect what their rights should be in this house of representati since the beginning. and i would encourage everyone to vote against this outrageous rule. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlan yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from new york. mr. arcuri: before i recognize my colleague from new york, i

Tom Latham

1:18:55 to 1:19:06( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Latham: would just like to make a point, and that is, throughout history, we have seen vision on the part of people and it's that vision that brought columbus to the new world, it's that vision that

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