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House Proceeding 07-23-09 on Jul 23rd, 2009 :: 4:03:10 to 4:08:05
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Jeb Hensarling

4:03:06 to 4:03:26( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: amendment offered by t gentleman from arizona. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the noes have it. the amendment is not agreed. to mr. flake: i ask for a recorded vote. the chair: pursuant to clause 6 of rule 18, further proceedings on the amendment offered by the gentleman will be potponed. it is now in order to consider amendments printed in part c.

Jeb Hensarling

4:03:10 to 4:08:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jeb Hensarling

Jeb Hensarling

4:03:27 to 4:03:48( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: for what purpose does the gentle mr. hensarling: i have an amendment at the desk designated number three. the clerk: amendment number three printed in house report 111-219 offered by mr. hensarling of texas. the chair: pursuant to house

Jeb Hensarling

4:03:49 to 4:04:09( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: resolution 669, the gentleman from texas, mr. hensarling, and a member opposed each will control five minutes. mr. hensarling: this will strike the funding for a project offered by the speaker

Jeb Hensarling

4:04:10 to 4:04:30( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: of the house for the doyle drive replacement project, apparently this project is owned by caltrans, which charges tolls for people coming across the golden gate bridge. according to the website, the money would be used to raise the original profile of the southbound lanes to preserve

Jeb Hensarling

4:04:31 to 4:04:52( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: the cultural landscape and retain the cultural relationship between the upper and lower portions of the presidio. it would reconfigure the gerard land cape and to improve views to the palace of fine arts. now, mr. chairman, i'm not here

Jeb Hensarling

4:04:53 to 4:05:14( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: to tell you that all earmarks are bad. i'm not even here to tell you that somehow this is a bad use of somebody's money. i've never been a particular fan of the earmark system, but i don't come here to debate that today. i've heard a number of people say, well, relative to the federal budget, this is the pennies and nickels.

Jeb Hensarling

4:05:15 to 4:05:36( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: well, yes, maybe it is. i pe, number one, i'm never in congress so long i consider $2 million to be pennies and nickels, but if it is, you know if you don't start saving the pennies and nickels, how will you ever save the dollars? frankly, with the oppressive treatment we have in the rules committee, the amendments republicans would offer that

Jeb Hensarling

4:05:37 to 4:05:57( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: would save the billions of dollars somehow those are never quite made in order. so, mr. chairman, why is this important? i think it's important because we need to take stock of where we are as a nation. since president obama was elected, we have seen now the highest deficit we've ever seen

Jeb Hensarling

4:05:58 to 4:06:19( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: in our nation's history. it's over $1 trillion, and mr. chairman, it's on its way to $1.8 trillion. that means since the democrats have taken control of this hoe, the federal deficit has increased fold. the national debt, the national debt is being tripled under their watch. under their budget.

Jeb Hensarling

4:06:20 to 4:06:40( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: tripled. more debt in the next years than in the previous 220. so, yes, maybe $2 million is small, relative to that. but mr. chairman if you don't change the culture of spending, how are you ever going to change the spending? and i wish the speaker of the

Jeb Hensarling

4:06:41 to 4:07:01( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: house was on the floor now. i'd pose the question to her i posed before. earlier in her career, when she was in the minority she said, quote, it is absolutely immoral, immoral for us to heap the deficits on our children, unquote. so i would respectfully ask the speaker of the house, if it's immoral to do it why are you doing it?

Jeb Hensarling

4:07:02 to 4:07:22( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: this is $2 million. $2 million more of deficit that, according to the speaker of the house is immoral. the speaker has also said prior to becoming the speaker of the house, quote, i'd just soon do away with all earmarks. nowhere for america's children

Jeb Hensarling

4:07:23 to 4:07:43( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: to pay for. i would respectfully ask the speaker of the house, if she was on the floor now, madam speaker if you'd just as soon do away with earmarks, lead by example and quit asking for them. she has requested, herself or jointly with others, 30 earmarks worth $36 million.

Jeb Hensarling

4:07:44 to 4:08:05( Edit History Discussion )

Jeb Hensarling: according to taxpayers for common sense, in the last appropriations cycle, mr. chairman, speaker of the house pelosi ranked 16th out of 435 members of congress on the number of earmarks she requested. . at a time of trilli dollar

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