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House Proceeding 07-23-09 on Jul 23rd, 2009 :: 2:35:55 to 2:41:15
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John Jr.Conyers

2:35:42 to 2:35:55( Edit History Discussion )

John Jr.Conyers: intellect of the president and his determination to correct this situation. they are people that put profits before health care.

Keith Ellison

2:35:55 to 2:41:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison

2:35:56 to 2:36:16( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: i'm sorry that's the case, but that's what it comes down to. mr. ellison: if the gentleman would yield back. i just want to say in this last five minutes that we e here tonight, with this progressive hour, that the goal and the purpose and the efforts to -- soul of our efforts to reform health care

Keith Ellison

2:36:17 to 2:36:38( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: should focus on the word care. health care. we should act like we care. in the beginning of this hour, mr. speaker, congressman conyers, i shared stories about people from my district. i know you could have done the same thing. you get letters. the president gets letters. we all care should be be what drives us. i believe that you, mr. conyers,

Keith Ellison

2:36:39 to 2:36:59( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: have worked so hard and done so much to get -- to start with a single payer, but because of your advocacy, we have gotten to a point where a public option is a real option. i thank you for that. this is an option, public option is not the best name. it could be called patient option or we are in this together option.

Keith Ellison

2:37:00 to 2:37:21( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: an option that says that we are going to have a public plan that can compete with the private plans, that can have some cost dvers. but not just drive down costs but can offer best practices so put emphasis on health care and wellness not just on

Keith Ellison

2:37:22 to 2:37:43( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: processing people, fee-for-service over utilization which as you know has been a very serious problem. i think that as we close up, mr. speaker, i want to leave the gentleman from michigan time to make some closing remarks and we'll give him the final word since he's so eloquent, i just want to say that it's important

Keith Ellison

2:37:44 to 2:38:04( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: for us to understand that if americans want real health care reform, the time is now, i think, mr.peaker, to raise your voice. i'm not saying what people should and shouldn't do. but i'm saying if you want health care reform, this is not the time to be silent. this is a time to raise your voice. if you happen to live in an area where you have a representative

Keith Ellison

2:38:05 to 2:38:28( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: who is not for reform, i think that this is especially important time to have something to say about that. and exercise your constitutional right and offer your views on that. i just want to say that, we fought hard here and this piece of legislation we are fighting for now is every bit of a civil

Keith Ellison

2:38:29 to 2:38:49( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: rights issue as the 1964 civil rights act. the 1964 civil rights act was a bill that was passed only a few years before you came to congress, mr. conyers. so you really were in the aura of this great triumph of american democracy. you were a friend of martin luther king. rosa parks worked in your office

Keith Ellison

2:38:50 to 2:39:10( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: for many years and was a dear friend of yours throughout her life. i feel, i think i feel something like wt you must have felt then. that we are on the doorstep of seeing great change in the american democracy. but it's going to take the energy and the prayers and the

Keith Ellison

2:39:11 to 2:39:31( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: voices of everyone to get us over the line. when the president comes out on the television during prime time, it's not just because he doesn't have anything else to do. it's serious. it's important. and it's very essential that everybody click in and raise thr voice and make sure that if you want health care reform,

Keith Ellison

2:39:32 to 2:39:52( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: if you want an end to being dropped and kicked off and denied for pre-existing condition, i you are tired of discriminationecause of gender and age, if you feel that a public option should be able to compete with a private insurance to drive costs down, and if you really believe that in our country that a health insurance

Keith Ellison

2:39:53 to 2:40:13( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: company should be able to operate with a 5%, 4%, 6% administrative costs as opposed to 17%, 18%, 19%, inefficient, it's time to step up and do something about it. if you want to do something about health care disparates between people of color and -- disparities between people of color and other people, it's

Keith Ellison

2:40:14 to 2:40:35( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: time to step up and do something about it. this is not the time to sit back and figure conyers will probably save us. obama will save us. somebody will do the right thing. no, this is the time for everybody to step up and demonstrate their own leadership. with the moments remaining i want to yield i think that's it. the gentleman from michigan has yielded to me. so therefore what i'm going to

Keith Ellison

2:40:36 to 2:40:57( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: do is thank the speaker for allowing us to come before them tonight and talk about the progressive caucus arguing for a public option, starting out our debate, starting our debate for single payer health care, but being reasonable and being practical and saying that we've got to have a public option, but that is where we stop compromise.

Keith Ellison

2:40:58 to 2:41:15( Edit History Discussion )

Keith Ellison: have done our part already. being proud that people like congressman kucinich has made it possible for states to be able to pursue single payer. so we have been -- we are practical progressives. we are not doctrine air. we are practical. we want good results for the people of the united states so we can join the 36 other

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