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House Proceeding on Jul 24th, 2009 :: 0:33:05 to 0:37:10
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Jeff Flake

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Jeff Flake: to see to it that the business of theeople of this country moves along. i again want to urge my colleagues to vote yes on this motion to consider so we can debate and pass this important piece of legislation today, and i yid back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from arizona. mr. flake: may inquire as to

Jeff Flake

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Speech By: Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake

0:33:24 to 0:33:44( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: the time remaining? have 4 1/2 minutes. mr. flake: i thank the gentleman. if i was looking to waste time and to delay, i'd call a vote on this. this would take this body an extra half-hour or so. i am not going to do so. i know i am going to lose this. but somebody has to stand up

Jeff Flake

0:33:45 to 0:34:06( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: and say we are not potted plants over here. we are in the minority, yes, but we do have some rights, i think. these amendments that i will be offering to the defense bill today are spurious, are spurious. i'd love to last year been able to offer some of these amendments, but i didn't have

Jeff Flake

0:34:07 to 0:34:29( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: any ability at all. not one amendment was offered to earmarks in the defense bill. you know why? because it was a closed rule completely. it came in at mini bus form and no amendments were offered. and that's happened to some extent over a couple of years. and what has happened during that time? earmarks have been awarded, no bid contracts to private

Jeff Flake

0:34:30 to 0:34:51( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: companies that are now being investigated because money went out and individuals have already pled guilty to taking that earmarked money and spreading it around to some companies that did no work, none. and they've already pled guilty for it. and we're again, we're bringing to the floor next week a

Jeff Flake

0:34:52 to 0:35:12( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: defense bill as if nothing's wrong, nothing's happening, no investigations are occurring. we're still going to award no-bid contracts to private companies. and, yeah, we might hide some language or put some language in the bill saying these things are really going to be bid out, but the defense department, if you ask them today, do you bid

Jeff Flake

0:35:13 to 0:35:35( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: these things out, they say, yes, we're required to, except when we don't, except when we issue a j&a. that is just unbelievable to me that we are accused of being spur yuss when we attempt to -- spurious when we attempt to bring earmarked amendments to

Jeff Flake

0:35:36 to 0:35:56( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: the floor to vet in some way, shallow though it may be on the floor of the house, it's all we got because we only got a list of these earmarks last week, or this week, we're scolded and told that we're spurious for asking for some, just a smidgen of accountability here.

Jeff Flake

0:35:57 to 0:36:18( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: for the sponsor of the earmark to stand up and justify why he thinks or she thinks that she has the ability to award a no-bid contract to a private company whose executives may turn around and give big amounts of money to that member, that's being investigated in some cases by

Jeff Flake

0:36:19 to 0:36:42( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: the department of justice. and we say we should be able to do it and no member should be able to question it. we shouldn't be able to raise it on the floor of the house. i just don't get it. i completely -- every time i think i've seen it all, i haven't, and today to be scolded for bringing amendments to the floor and then to have the majority party bring 12 and

Jeff Flake

0:36:43 to 0:37:03( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: to be told we should be happy because th seem fit to choose four of those amendments, allow us to offer them that we should somehow be grateful and embrace this rule just blows me away. and i don't know what to say, mr. speaker. but i would urge this congress not to move ahead with this bill in this fashion.

Jeff Flake

0:37:04 to 0:37:10( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Flake: there is no requirement that we have to do this today. any more than you have to do healthare this week or next

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