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House Proceeding 07-27-09 on Jul 27th, 2009 :: 2:30:00 to 2:38:25
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Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: participating and would now like to yield some time to our colleague, the gentlewoman from california, who has, i think maybe the first time joining us in the last few months in the last couple of months. representative diane watson. we are looking forward to your remarks. ms. watson: thank you so much, madam. mr. speaker, i am so pleased to

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Diane E. Watson

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Diane E. Watson: be here to join my colleagues with the black caucus. we've spent a day in a seminar so that we would understand every single provision in the bill that will be in front of us at the end of the week. it is so important that we come together because we have a golden opportunity to plant the

Diane E. Watson

2:30:40 to 2:31:00( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: sappling of health care reform. and i want to remind all my colleagues that america's affordable health choices act is just the beginning of a better national health care structure. together we can work to make it grow.

Diane E. Watson

2:31:01 to 2:31:23( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: we must plant this sampling now -- sappling now before it is killed by the wayside as it has so many tis been done before. our efforts to tackle health care began under the leadership of president harry s. truman who attempted to include universal

Diane E. Watson

2:31:24 to 2:31:45( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: health insurance under the fair hillary clinton in 1993 spear headed this effort. now thankfully president obama has made it one of his top priorities. we have known our options for years. just because our republican

Diane E. Watson

2:31:46 to 2:32:07( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: colleagues begn to listen only recently does not mean that we have not carefully considered what is at stake. we are not rushing through deciding the fate of millions of americans. rather we have taken too long to

Diane E. Watson

2:32:08 to 2:32:31( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: deliver what is necessary. the naysayers have rallied around the cost of this health care reform. please recall that we have tens of billions of dollars in iraq, $15 billion a month, factually.

Diane E. Watson

2:32:32 to 2:32:52( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: and if we would take that money, and the most beneficial health care system in the world. my city, the city of los angeles, alone has spent $9 billion and the nation has spent $890 billion since the start of

Diane E. Watson

2:32:53 to 2:33:18( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: this unauthorized war. i agree that the $1 trillion price tag of health care is hefty. but it is a better use of our taxpayers' money than a war in iraq. now and reduce the costs that my

Diane E. Watson

2:33:19 to 2:33:44( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: constituents must bear directly. employer-sponsored health care premiums have more than doubled in the last decade. this is four times faster than the average wage increase. middle class americans have seen the average contribution for employer-sponsored coverage rise

Diane E. Watson

2:33:48 to 2:34:11( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: to $3,354 in 2008 from $1,619 in the year 2000. for a family earning $50,000, health premium costs now consume 7% of their pre-tax income. incomes are not rising to keep up with these costs, especially

Diane E. Watson

2:34:18 to 2:34:39( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: in an economy where so manage manyeople are losing their jobs -- many people are losing their jobs. if this reform fails, we will have little hope of reining in the skyrocketing cost of health care for the middle class. to reduce the cost of health care for the average middle class working family, we have to reform the system and introduce a public option.

Diane E. Watson

2:34:40 to 2:35:00( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: . mr. speaker the public option is a necessary and pivotal part of the health care reform. with it in place, congress introduces competition into the health care system. with fair price competition, we

Diane E. Watson

2:35:01 to 2:35:23( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: introduce efficiency and quality not bureaucracy. your government is not going to stand in between you and your doctor. your government is providing an opportunity for you to choose your insurance. i want to make this crystal clear.

Diane E. Watson

2:35:24 to 2:35:44( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: we have close to 390 million people in the united states. we are focusing now on the 48 million without health insurance. the rest of americans who have their insurance and like them are not affected. they can k have. we are focusing on those who don't have it so that we will

Diane E. Watson

2:35:45 to 2:36:06( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: see to the health care of all americans. with the basic benefits guaranteed in the exchange, i hope and the government will be left outside of the examining room. it is a fallacy to belie that we are going to get in between a

Diane E. Watson

2:36:07 to 2:36:27( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: doctor and a pashent. with -- patient. with the public plan we offer americans personal patient choice. let me repeat that personal patient choice. and the freedom to stay healthy. i want to say that once more.

Diane E. Watson

2:36:28 to 2:36:49( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: this reform is about the freedom of choice. our plan offers americans to keep their health insurance if they choose to keep it. in the public plan we are only offering the public in the exchange the option to choose

Diane E. Watson

2:36:50 to 2:37:13( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: the plan that is created by the government. created by the government. the public plan may not be perfect, but it establishes a strong framework that we can build upon. bringing health care to the floor means that congress is ready to ensure that americans

Diane E. Watson

2:37:14 to 2:37:36( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: have health insurance. we a making small businesses more attractive by providing them with a means with which to offer their employees health insurance. we are reducing the crushing cost on our large employe. and we are providing the people with more choices.

Diane E. Watson

2:37:37 to 2:37:57( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: i truly hope understanding of what is being presented and the multitude of hours by many committees, many members and staff will be the historic first step on the road to making health care for all

Diane E. Watson

2:37:58 to 2:38:18( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: americans possible. mr. spear, i look forward to voting with my colleagues on this issue and i would like to see it done athe end of the week so there's not a meltdown and the naysayers take the day. so let's do the right thing for

Diane E. Watson

2:38:19 to 2:38:25( Edit History Discussion )

Diane E. Watson: the american people and let's ensure that this country remains

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