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House Proceeding 07-29-09 on Jul 29th, 2009 :: 1:17:55 to 1:24:30
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Brian Bilbray

1:17:55 to 1:24:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Brian Bilbray

Brian Bilbray

1:18:36 to 1:18:56( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: 23 of this month, rosa lee rosas watch her husband go off to work with her son robert and 11 month old baby thinking that the next morning her husband agent rosas

Brian Bilbray

1:18:57 to 1:19:19( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: would be back at home with the family. sadly that wasn't to be. agent rosas was in the cam poe area of southern california serving the nation that he looked forward to serving for so long. a young man who had grown up in the imperial valley area, had

Brian Bilbray

1:19:20 to 1:19:40( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: served as a reservist and looked forward to being border patrol agent. while alone, he dected individuals crossing the board. somewhere in the process of confronting the illegals crossing the border, agent rosas was murdered by those illegals.

Brian Bilbray

1:19:41 to 1:20:02( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: . mr. speaker, agent rosas' situation, and more importantly, the situation of rosalie and the two children, is something that all americans should rember. that there are americans every day that are not only defending this country far, far away, but there are agents every day and

Brian Bilbray

1:20:03 to 1:20:23( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: every night that stand on the border, stand in port of entries, are throughout this country standing up and defending this country from incursions from across the border. and from foreign lands. agent rosas died in the service of his country, was murdered in the service of his country and rosalie and the two kids will

Brian Bilbray

1:20:45 to 1:21:05( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: mexico to san diego and they do not know which one of the individuals they're confronting is just an innocent illegal who happens to not realize that you can't come into this country ilgally anymore, somebody that may not mean harm, but is being

Brian Bilbray

1:21:06 to 1:21:28( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: brought in by vicious, terrible smugglers who not only smuggle illegals but smuggle drugs. that agent doesn't know if the person they're confronting is going to survendor -- surrender or draw a firearm and kill him immediately. agent rosas was shot ithe head and killed but he was able to

Brian Bilbray

1:21:29 to 1:21:51( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: wound one of his assailants and the assailant later was detected as far up as northern california. and he was arrested there. with the cooperation of mexican officials we were able to apprehend individuals in mexico. but i think that more important than talking about the crime that was committed at our

Brian Bilbray

1:21:52 to 1:22:12( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: border, something i think all americans should have known was coming when we saw the violence that has occurred on the other side of the border for all too long, americans should have known this violence was going to cross over while we continued to turn a blind eye to the illegal activity along our border. because it just wasn't politically proper to raise the

Brian Bilbray

1:22:13 to 1:22:33( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: issue that crime and violence is occurring along our frontier. no, the thing that i'd like to remember tonight is that agent rosas is just one of many that are out there in the terrible heat of the summer, the terrible cold of the winter, through rain

Brian Bilbray

1:22:34 to 1:22:55( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: and sleet and snow and whatever it takes, doing their duty, and doing it in a nation that tends not to recognize their true service. mr. speaker, we use the word hero a lot of times in this country and sadly we use it too often instead of using the word victim. but there's a big difference, mr. speaker, between a victim

Brian Bilbray

1:22:56 to 1:23:16( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: and a hero. a victim is someone who's at the wrong place at the wrong time and suffers for it. but a hero is someone who willfully puts themselves in harm's way at the wrong time and suffers for it. and i do not think we should as a society ever forget the difference between a victim and

Brian Bilbray

1:23:17 to 1:23:37( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: a hero. agent rosas is a true hero, somebody who served this country, and we should also remember as his services are held this week that his services are in recognition of not only his sacrifice and his family's sacrifice, but of the sacrifice of the men and women around this country that defend us along our borders.

Brian Bilbray

1:23:38 to 1:23:58( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: i think it goes without saying that all of us in congress want to send out our heartfelt sympathies to rosalie and rob and alicia for their great loss and their great contribution by losing their father. i hope we all remember that

Brian Bilbray

1:23:59 to 1:24:21( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: their father -- there are fathers and mothers around this country that we ought to appreciate while they're alive and not just honor them when we lose them. and i yield back. thspeaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. mr. grayson from florida. mr. goal earth of texas -- mr. gohmert of texas. ms. ros-lehtinen.

Brian Bilbray

1:24:22 to 1:24:31( Edit History Discussion )

Brian Bilbray: mrs. bachmann of minnesota. mr. forbes of virginia. for what purpose does -- mr.

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