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House Proceeding 07-29-09 on Jul 29th, 2009 :: 1:36:25 to 1:40:50
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Steve Scalise

1:36:21 to 1:36:42( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: targets. maybe you ought to go back and re-evaluate the $800 billion rather than talking about a second stimulus package, which is going to spend even more money mr. akin: these are not republican targets, these are not our targets, but the president's target. he is saying 8%.

Steve Scalise

1:36:25 to 1:40:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise

1:36:43 to 1:37:03( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: he gets the stimulus bill and now it's 9%. mr. scalise: in louisiana, there is something called the rule of holes and what it says, if you find yourself in a hole, you stop digging. they brought the stimulus bill, $800 billion of debt for our children and grandchildren that has led to increased

Steve Scalise

1:37:04 to 1:37:24( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: unemployment. clearly, their approach didn't work, as many of us predicted it wouldn't. you would think they would say, yes, we did something wrong and look at republican alternative ideas and instead, they talk about spending even more money. the vice president, just two

Steve Scalise

1:37:25 to 1:37:45( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: weeks ago said, they need to keep spending more money to keep from going but then they filed this bill to propose a government takeover of our health care system. this is a depiction of the actual organizational chart of their proposal. mr. hoekstra: that looks like a

Steve Scalise

1:37:46 to 1:38:07( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: structure -- mr. scalise: i think the most and clearly we have reforms we need to make. commonsense ideas, allowing port built when someone leaves a job or removing discrimination from pre-existing conditions. i don't think it's fair if someone gets cancer, they can be discriminat against.

Steve Scalise

1:38:08 to 1:38:29( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: we address that inur proposals. unfortunately, what they have proposed, this new system where you have dozens, literally -- mr. akin: i hate to interrupt, but i've got this chart up here and you've got that chart up there and the two charts aren't the same. and even though i don't like reading complicating charts,

Steve Scalise

1:38:30 to 1:38:50( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: there's a red box on your chart that isn't on my chart. this is my understanding of the democrat proposal for health care, to take over 20% of the economy. and this is very much of a simplified chart of what is being proposed. you know, when the government takes something over, they have a lot of things to connect. and yet your chart h

Steve Scalise

1:38:51 to 1:39:11( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: red box on it. i would like you to explain where that came from. mr. scalise: southern california we put this chart base odd their bill, the bill that president obama and speaker pelosi and many of the other liberals on are running congress.

Steve Scalise

1:39:12 to 1:39:32( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: they create these bureaucracies. and i think the most important relationship in health care is that relationship between the patient and the doctor. and look at to create new federal bureaucratic agencies that come between the doctor and the patient. when we put this chart together to show what their bill does,

Steve Scalise

1:39:33 to 1:39:55( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: the speaker censored this document and said we can't send this out to the public. i'm holding this up because we have the abity on the floor. but by the rule of the speaker, can't send this out to my constituents back home because people want to know what their bill does and they are trying to censor that information from being shown to the public, but

Steve Scalise

1:39:56 to 1:40:17( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: the public is figuring out anyway and they see dozens of bureaucrats and a health care czar. mr. akin: reclaiming my time. what youe saying goes a little bit more than the health care debate. we are talking about t right to free speech. what you just said was, as a member of the u.s. congress from the state of louisiana, if you would like to communicate to

Steve Scalise

1:40:18 to 1:40:38( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: your constituents a flow chart of the bill the democrats proposed, they will not allow you to do that. them, they would make you mr. scalise: i represent 650,000

Steve Scalise

1:40:39 to 1:40:50( Edit History Discussion )

Steve Scalise: people in louisiana and they don't like what they see. what they see is government bureaucrats in washington telling them which doctor they can see or even if they can get a medical procedure and the

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