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Mike Pence

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Speech By: Mike Pence

Mike Pence

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Mike Pence: mr. akin: i appreciate the gentleman. someone isn't going to say when the government offers something for free, you can bet that that insurance policy is going to go away. it isn't as though the ideas that are being advocated in this bill are particularly new.

W. Todd Akin

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Speech By: W. Todd Akin
Bill: H.R. 3200: To provide affordable, quality health care for all American

Reps Akin and Dan Lungren wax about socialized medicine

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they have been tried in other

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here is one, massachusetts

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tried, basically everybody has

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to have insurance and the

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government is offering health care. and what was the end result? we don't have to re-invent the wheel. what happened was, massachusetts took a huge hit in -- financially. and the health care access is down because patients have to wait 70 days to see a doctor in boston.

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first of all as typical tape in government, you have to wait in a line, but it costs more money to wait in a line because your health care costs in massachusetts are 133% more than what the average is. and so it's not like we haven't tried this before. it's been tried and yet we are

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going to try and do the same thing. it is tried over here in europe. and what happens in cancer? i'm a cancer survivor. i know a little bit about cancer because i survived it. i see my good friend from california, if you would like to jump in here, we would be

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delighted to yield you time. mr. lungren: i would like to follow up on what mr. pence said and that is if you are concerned that there is a possibil a public option will lead to a government takeover you need look no further than what haened to the student loan program. what is happening now with this

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congress and this president? we are eliminating the private option and going totally to the public option, which now becomes the public monopoly. mr. akin: can you get a private student loan now? mr. lungren: the way we are phasing them out, they will be basically the federal student loan program.

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mr. akin: it's like heny ford program, you can get any program you want as long as it's black. mr. lungren: we ha a member of the other side of the aisle, a distinguished member of the other side of the aisle who in a town hall meeting admitted that this is going to lead to a public takeover of health care

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and said, yes, that is a good thing. mr. akin: a lot of them are quite happy with socialized health care. they acknowledge that. mr. lungren: you can't use that word. you can say it on the floor but can't say it in print. we're not allowed to say that. we aren't allowed to say democratic health plan.

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we have been told that that is not allowed if we're going to print it and send it out to our constituents. the last thing i would say is this, i happen to be the son of a doctor. i would make rounds with him. i thought i was going to be a doctor until god sent me a

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strong message at notre dame against organic chemistry. mr. akin: i feel your pain, my friend. mr. lungn: i never lost the sense of service that my dad had as a doctor. and he taught me from my observation of the way he practiced medicine that the

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doctor-patie relationship was para mount. i heard him arguing with somebody who was employed by the insurance company on behalf of his patient. i heard m arguing with the hospital. i heard him arguing with nurses if he didn't think they were doing a great job. i heard him praise the nurses, i

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heard him praise the hospital. his whole focus was on his patient. he was the patients' not only greatest doctor they could have, but he was their greatest advocate and that's what i don't want to lose in this or any other plan. mr. akin: you are talking right

2:08:47 to 2:09:07( Edit History Discussion )

on. mr. lungren: i don't want the government to be my advocate but my doctor and my family be my advocate. listen to the interview by the president when asked about the 100-year-old woman, who was an

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extraordinary person with great fervor in her life and tremendous health and need a pacemaker and her doctor thought she should have it and called a specialist who would actually do the implantation of the pacemaker and he was and said i'm not going to do it

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on a 100-year-old lady. he examined her and his position was changed. she received it at 100 and is now a very active 105-year-old and it was presented to the president and it was said, mr. president, under your plan, well my 100-year-old mother still be able to have a pacemaker?

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and the esident gave a long, long convoluted answer but at the end he said this, it may mean, it may mean that instead of some sort of surgical procedure, we give your mother painkiller, pain mr. akin: this isn't politically

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correct and i guess we never learned that well, we are talking about government-rationed health care, aren't we? mr. lungren: you can limit costs in two ways, competion and rationing. competition means -- we need transparency, no doubt about

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that. we need to know what doctors are charging and those sorts of things. but competition from dock tors and medical health care providers and insurance providers will give us tremendous options so we can make the decision and that tends

2:10:54 to 2:11:16( Edit History Discussion )

to keep costs down. in a government system when you have a monopoly, there is only way, and that is called rationing. look at england, canada, france, look at all those other systems. mr. akin: that's what i would like to do. i would like to recognize my good friend from texas, congressman gohmert who is noted

Louie Gohmert

2:11:17 to 2:11:39( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: for being -- in spite of his humble demeanor, an expert in knowing how to phrase things in a tactful way. mr. gohmert: i'm still perplexed and republicans aren't allowed to comment in anything that's a governmental resource.

Louie Gohmert

2:11:25 to 2:13:15( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Louie Gohmert

Louie Gohmert

2:11:40 to 2:12:01( Edit History Discussion )

Louie Gohmert: so i'm wondering if we phrase in any mailout or a website, if we say that the democrat-controlled congress is taking the nation in the wrong direction and too many americans are paying a heavy price for those wrong choices, including paying record costs for health care, i'm wondering

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