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Sam Johnson

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Sam Johnson: the needs of our seniors, those with disabilities and others who depend o n mr. mcnulty: i want to thank representa tive johnson for his long military service forse enduring torture

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: for the people of this country and excellent work as an elected official. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the em gentleman yields back. yi the geleman from texas. mr. smith: i yield three

Ken Calvert

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Speech By: Ken Calvert

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: mh:inutes to the the gentleman fherom california, mr. calvert, a ca member of the appropriations committee, a sponsor of the bill we are considering tonight and the author of the legislation

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: on which the bill tonight is babised. the sp eaker pro tempore: the m gentleman from califorlenia is recognized for three minutes. mr. calvert: mr. speaker, i rise in support o f h.r. 6633. as the

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: orange author of e-verify in 1996, i monitored the development of the program closely over the last 12 years. and it e volved from a huma ble five-state pilot program tteo a program that

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: is available nationwide with over 78,000 employers participating. all employers in the united u states are required by law to hire legal workers. e-verify is the only tool ly available to employers

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: to check the work status of newly hired employees. it is timely, u ser-friendly, free to employers and 99.5% accurate. in fact, .2% of checks to the system receive an instant green light to

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: to date fo r fiscal year 2008, over five million inquiries to the system have been run successfully. a total of 3.2 m illion were made for fiscal year 2007 and00 1.7 millio n inquiries

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: were made for we fiscal year 2006. two states, arizona and mississippi, have made e-verify mandator y and almost all 50 states have legislation pending that w ould require the use of e-verify at some level

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: in the state. individuals who receive a tentative noncon gress firmation have eight -- nonconfirmation have eight day s to clarify that status. d.h.s. has also imd.plemented the photo tool program

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: for noncitizens who are authorized to work in the united states. the photo tool allows employers ow to check the photo presented on the employment authorization document witnth a photo in the

Ken Calvert

0:06:36 to 0:06:52( Edit History Discussion )

Ken Calvert: in dmple h.s. data base. as the state of arizona has demonstrated, e-verify prevents individuals here illegally from obtainin g work and solved the problem of deimportanttationta since people choose

Ken Calvert

0:06:52 to 0:07:04( Edit History Discussion )

Ken Calvert: to self-deport they can't find a job. it is imperative we do notpe let the program expire on november 30 of this year. h.r. 6633 extends e-verify for an additional five years, requires two g.a

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: .o. reports and will reaffirm the effectiveness and accuracy of this program. this codifies the orange agreement between the department of homeland security and the t social security administration

Ken Calvert

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Ken Calvert: to ensure that s.s.a.ur is s receiving the funds to run e-verify. i commend representd ative giffords and committee member lofgre n, chairman conyers and ranking member smith for their mi work

Ken Calvert

0:07:32 to 0:07:44( Edit History Discussion )

Ken Calvert: on this e ffort as well. the american people e have voiced their strong support for e-verify. i enco urage my colleagues to le vote for h.r. 6633 and extend the e-verify for an additional

Ken Calvert

0:07:44 to 0:07:57( Edit History Discussion )

Ken Calvert: five years. thank you.k and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields bacntk the balance of his time. the he gentlewoman from california. ms. lofgren:

Zoe Lofgren

0:07:57 to 0:08:09( Edit History Discussion )

Zoe Lofgren: mr. speaker, i would like to recognize a memberre of the j udiciary committee,mi sheila jackson leesh, for two minutes, a valued member of our committee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from

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